How Big Is Your Ego?

*snort* It is rather obvious this meme was not done by someone who is Sidhe! Only a human would think that merely knowing who you are and having a healthy self-esteem were an ego out of control!

Your Ego is Extra Large
Your ego is out of control. You have an extremely high opinion of yourself.
You’re quite vain and narcissistic. You believe that you’re the most important person in the world.

You don’t even try to put your ego in check. Why would you?
You are uniquely perfect, and it’s time that everyone else admits it.


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11 responses to “How Big Is Your Ego?

  1. And some of the answers could go together. Seven, you could give orders and still work with a team. I would.

    • I would have to agree with you. I do believe that all things are situational. I can give orders and work as a team. Certainly I have been known to with those who are friends.

      How have you been, Norrin?

      • It would be boring to work with people and only follow orders…

        The same as I always am. How are you?

        • I would tend to agree with you.

          You have always intrigued me. I am well, thank you for asking. My children are nearly grown, it seems. There never seems to be enough hours in the day.

          • I don’t really know you…? How old are they?

            • My eldest, Maeve, whom I gave up after she was merely four days old is probably about five hunred and some odd years old. My second, Caroline, she is four hundred and twenty. Jocelyn is about to turn fifteen.

            • Five hundred is ‘nearly grown’?

            • *soft laugh* I was thinking of my youngest when I said that. Of course my eldest and middle child are grown. I say this because I have decided I will not be having any more.

            • Oh, alright. … Nice to see someone who doesn’t think fifteen is still a child.

            • I would say that of all of my daughters, Jocelyn was never ‘just a child’. She is something other, and she has an intense curiosity about everyone and every thing. Some children would be satisfied with a mere, ‘because I told you so’ from either of their parents. Not her. She not only wants a full explanation, she wants you to back up your reasons by demonstration or example.

              I do not know that I have ever looked at any of my offspring as being less than their own person. I have such a hard time with parents who regard their children as things they created and rather more like posessions than people in their own right.

            • It’s something people who have four or more children would do, isn’t it?

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