Week Eleven – Mun Inquiries

Muse Name: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Prompt Number: Mun Inquiries 11
Title: Canon
Warnings/Disclaimers: None
Word Count: N/A

1. What qualities do you look for in other characters/writers before you engage your muse in RP with them?

I look for compatibility between the muses at first. That is the first step. I like a sense of adventure and willingness to try new things and explore. The next part is a genuineness on the part of the other writer, and the realisation that we all have real lives.

2. Do you have one set of qualities for canon muses and a different one for OC’s?

Not really. I think that the Muse reacts to whomever she reacts to on an individual basis. There have been canon muses and OC’s where she has decided that she wanted no further part of them. One muse whom she had an initiallly good reaction to, as their conversation went on, she realised that he really was not a very nice character, and certainly not someone she would have spent time with socially.

3. Does the actor or PB for a character affect whether or not you will play your muse with them?

Not really. If the character in question is a canon character, usually that PB chosen is fine or even prefferrable. Historical characters and OC’s the Muse and i tend to be more flexible. I know that Fanny stopped to talk to a few characters based on the PB, but later on we found that the writing stood all by itself. I personally could not imagine anyone other than Michael Wincott to play Rochefort, and yet I know that others have played that particular character. Now it seems absolutely impossible to view any other person in that role – although I think his scribe and I sort of view the character to be of a bit more impressive build; along the lines of French film star, Vincent Cassell.

When Fanny started talking to Hsu Danmei, admittedly it was the PB that got her attention, but then it was him, just his personality and how much alike they really are. They both have the same views on Power, so though the looks may open the door, it isn’t the underlying reason for any association.

4. Have you ever wanted to play with a character, but your muse was so resistant, you couldn’t?

Yes, from time to time. If the Muse decides they don’t like the other person, there really is no way to force them. On the other hand, if the Muse decides she is going to play with that other muse, there is little anyone can do to stop her! She was definitely this way with Athos and Rochefort – and other muses whom she has interacted with.

5. Conversely, has your muse ever played with someone that you resisted for OOC reasons, but the muse won out?

No. It usually is the other way around. I am fine with that person OOC-wise, and IC’ly, Fanny especially will not have anything to do with that particular muse. It isn’t personal, it is just how damned picky she is with people at times. She is diplomatic an amicable with just about anyone, but very, very vew sle lets in close to her at all.

6. Are there certain topics that you will roleplay with only certain players?

Yes. Erotica especially I can only play with those whom I trust implicitly. There has to be a good deal of rapport and open honesty there before we can really get to those areas. I have been extremely fortunate in that all of the writers over the last three years that I have allowed into my sphere are those whom I 1) respect and admire very much 2) have maturity levels that are ‘adult’, and therefore they have lives and understand how it is for others who also have lives as well. Communication being the underlying factor along with honesty. I love spending time plotting with people who are creative and open to try new things. Those people know who they are, and it takes a long time before new people are let into that sphere.

7. Have you ever scrapped or retconned a storyline due to an ending of a RP writing relationship?

Unfortunately, yes. I have only done it once when I was left no other choice and all other hope of reaching some avenue of reconciliation or amicable peace had been completely lost. I felt bad retconning the storyline, but what was happening was killing my muse and really wrecking my own sanity, and I am one of those who feels that there isn’t any difficulty that cannot be talked out. Unfortunately, this was the one exception. Thankfully, it has not ever happened again. They say that retconning is for pussies – and I don’t know if that is true for everyone, but I had no other choice in the situation that my Muse and I found ourselves in. I got irrationally accused of doing all sorts of things that were certainly not true, reciieved emails several pages long of nothing of absolute vitriol and so in a case like that, the only answer is to simply walk away from the situation. Of course, losing a friendship in such a way for inexplicable reasons is never easy. It was hard, and stung for a good long time.

Looking back at the storyline that I abandoned with Fanny, I cannot say that I am at all upset any longer. It was the absolute best thing that could have happened to the Muse, and she grew immeasurably from it. I gained many wonderful friendships and far more as a writer as a result. So, I personally believe such a setback does not necessarily have to be a detriment.

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