[HoN] OOC: Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) New Year / Wep Ronpet

Those who know, will know what I am talking about. Those who don’t just chalk it up to Fanny’s Sctibe being ‘obtuse’ once again.

Folks, we go through this every year. You need to let up and RELAX. We are near the end of the Kemetic year and now is not the time to be overly sensitive, snippy, impatient, angry, fearful etc. We will make it through the non-days, rest assured. However, we can do that alot more easily if people would stop jumping down each other’s throats and/or doing a lot of emotional inward or outward flailing. Trust me when I say that it will not help, because it won’t.

This is the absolute roughest part of every year for us – especially those of us who are Kemetic. It is going to feel like Hell, and it really can and will be Hell for you if you wallow in it and struggle against every little thing that comes in your way. It does become a never-ending spiral that is a liot like quicksand: the more you struggle the more entrapped by the energy you become and you end up being overwhelmed and drowning in it. Stop. Be Still. Get Quiet and Relax.

Stay in your Power. Remember the very heart of your sekhem begins with YOU.

Emails do get answered, technological glitches do get fixed, bank accounts will get unfrozen, and things will sort themselves out. But for your own sake and the sake of every other person around you….Just. Be. Calm. I know it’s hard….but trust me on this one.


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23 responses to “[HoN] OOC: Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) New Year / Wep Ronpet

  1. No, I don’t get the references, but it’s damn good advice, not matter what.

    • First of all, I thank you for that.

      Let me explain a little bit: We are coming up in the next week or so the Ancient Egyptian or Kemetic New Year, called “Wep Ronpet”. It occurs around the Helical rising of Sothis or Sopdet and the ancients believed that it was the birth time or birth days of the primordial Gods, Horus Whom we call Heru, Set, Osiris, Whom we call Wasir; Isis, whom we call Aset; & Nepthys Whom we call Nebt-Het. During this time, it’s sort of a little like Mercury Retrograde magnified by a factor of ten or more! *g*

      At this time people (or our people, more specifically) tend to notice all this stuff that goes ‘wrong’, and they experience a great deal of difficult, almost Saturn type of energy….which does bring us through the transformation of the old year and into the new one.

      Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. I am not familiar with the Kemetic Year, but it makes me wonder if it coincides with my own. Late July through mid-August are always rough on me- during the time that the Sun transits Leo. Once it hits Virgo, my native sign, I’m fine. But it seems that Leo is the time where I have to cash in my karma, deal with my inadequacies, take my licks, etc.

    This time is even worse, because I am ending a 7-year transit, and entering a new cycle. I’ve been feeling pretty fragile and needy and generally unwell, and that is the reason, I believe.

    • It very probably does, since I know that you do focus on the Egyptian deities and have a very close relationship with some of Them. I cannot explain why it is, but for those of us who do – this always seems to be particularly difficult time of year, yes. And does exactly the same transit timing you are talking about. It is difficult. I can completely relate and definitly empathise! *hugs*

      And when you are being transited and ending up a long one like you say, yes, it’s very transformational, but it can really take its toll on all aspects of health, sanity, finances, etc.

  3. We must all remember to BREATHE. Yes, e-mail s have been sent, and queries made, but honestly, in the 2 weeks before the Days Upon the Year, if you are expecting a response in anything resembling a timely fashion, you’re off your gourd. Yes, things WILL crop up, but there’s nothing we really can do except roll with it and accept that there are things we cannot change. We’ve come through every year so far, that’s not going to change, but HOW we come through this time of year is just as important. I’m not saying we can just sail through like the King of Londinium with a shiny hat, but we can at least make it through with poise and aplomb.

    A moment to breath, thank Sekhmet and remember that we are NOT the most important thing in everyone’s universe and we’ll be fine. And trust me on the sunscreen. 🙂

    Thank you for posting this timely reminder, Fanny.

    • Thankd, Awi! 🙂 I do agree, it can be really hard. We just gotta stick together and realise that we are all a part of the crew on This Ol’ Solar Barq! We can sail through it, but we may be in for some choppy waters in the Primordial Sea as it were for just a little bit yet! 😉

  4. Good thing to remember, and to take care of each other.

    Eeee, see you in a week! I’ll have bpal to sell again.

    • Yes, you will! And BPAL!? You are a wicked, wicked person to bring more BPAL scents! I simply find it nearly impossible to resist. Interestingly, I lost one of my favourites that you sold me. It just up and disappeared. Hmm…..

      You know, that is the one business I constantly find myself wishing I had thought of and started! They are absolutely magnificent. 🙂

      • Always glad to help spread the scented lovelies. Though I am sad you lost one. Hopefully something in this year’s (I keep weeding through my collection and taking out what is not often worn) will make up for it. 🙂

  5. A tangent

    Do you think this happens to people who aren’t Kemetic too? Sometimes I feel like I see it just in general around this time of year and I wonder if that’s why. But I don’t want to assume that people who follow other ways are still being affected by our calendar. That just seems a little too much like saying “We’re the Right Way!” to me, which of course we are, but not for everyone. 😉

    And I also have someone very dear to me who is not Kemetic who has said (and this has been validated by others close to her in my hearing) that the second half of July has year-after-year been nothing but a shitstorm for her. It just makes me wonder some times. I don’t expect any answers. 🙂

    Thanks for posting this. I just keep reminding myself to breathe and have faith. The last week and a half has been very unpleasant and I am glad I only have one more week to go before I am at least among family again and we can ride the Days That Aren’t together.

    • Re: A tangent

      I honestly do think that it does. I have been around a great many people who are not necessarily Kemetic, and are not even paying that much attention to what we obviously are paying very close attention to, and they all seem to be on edge. I have very dear friends and people whom I either know on the periphery or by a degree of seperation who are going through some pretty stress-producing situations. It can range from forgetting to show up to work, to having people slander them on social networks for no good reason other than to garner attention for themselves.

      This is the time of the year that signifies not only what we believe, but also the end of summer, getting the kids back to school, when financial markets tend to do a bit of shifting, when all of these things realign in order to prepare for another shift in seasons, but also a shift in awareness. I find it kind of interesting that it always seems to coincide to this period of time.

      It’s admittedly so very hard when you feel that kind of pressure and stress to not blow a gasket – either figuratively or literally. Just treat it like Mercury Retro amplified: take extra care of communications, allow extra time to get to work and to see the culmination of plans and remember to breathe. *HUGS* Looking forward to seeing you in Joliet, though admittedly right now I don’t know exactly when I will arrive at this point. I am still waiting on communcations from the State as well. All in good time – but it is frustrating to those around me who don’t know beause I don’t.

      BTW, congrats and best wishes on your new success. I am so proud and excited for you and what you are doing! 🙂

      • Re: A tangent

        When I was growing up, I always did think of this time of year in terms of endings and beginnings. And you’re right, it is natural to do so given the flow of the school year, which is pretty much what governs our lives during our most formative years. I always chalked it up to just that. But no reason it can’t be both or even interrelated somehow. This time of year is so beautiful . . . The green, the sun, the lengthening shadows, the laziness . . . So beautiful. So bittersweet sometimes . . . It’s all part of it too, I think. I guess I am just wishing that it were more peaceful. And with that, I feel like there’s so much more that’s within me to say that I just don’t have the words for. I love the sound of the wind through the leaves. I don’t want to rush my life. But I am all tied up inside and I do want that to stop.

        I’m glad you’re coming to Retreat no matter what time you make it there or how long you are able to stay. I’m looking forward to actually really meeting you for real this time.

        And thanks for the congrats and wishes. They mean a lot to me. Because things are still so up in the air with everything. And my student loans coming due again in October. I think the New Year will bring with it a lot of new movement in right directions. I realized how certain of that I truly am as I typed it. And I am glad of it. I hope it does the same for you and I’m likewise excited for all the new opportunities that are coming your way and admire you and your strength in resolving to seize them and work for what you want. Even though it’s difficult.

  6. Very much indeed. Thank you for posting this!

    (A week till Retreat?!?! I sooooo can’t wait!)

    • You are welcome!

      Yes! It is soon. 🙂 But I have to be honest with you and with everyone: I am someone who does not look forward to Retreat every year. It isn’t because I love anyone any less or that I am not glad to see everyone and for the fellowship. I dread it every year because of what I am posting about here. I also dread it because I know how hard Hemet works to make sure everything is taken care of. And even if we started planning and preparing immediately after one Retreat ends, it would still be a mad scramble right up to the end. I have been to every single Retreat since their inception in 1998, and it has always been that way. The accomodations are much better now than they were then – we were definitely “roughing it”. The one thing I wish is for people to really see how much work is involved and how little sleep Hemet actually gets these next few weeks.

      There would be fewer complaints, I think, if people knew.

      • The one thing I wish is for people to really see how much work is involved and how little sleep Hemet actually gets these next few weeks. There would be fewer complaints, I think, if people knew.

        Most definitely. Hemet does a -bleep-ton of work year-round, but especially up to, and during Retreat. And of course, all of you Imakhiu and Kai-Imakhiu do a -bleep-ton of work during Retreat too… can’t neglect our hard-working, ass-kicking priests. 🙂

      • I’ve never been to a Retreat, though eventually I would like to come. But even so, working in hotels for as long as I have – in housekeeping, front desk, and the sales office – I understand how incredibly difficult it is to coordinate a group of that many people, all with wildly different personalities, into something cohesive. It always seems to fall on one or two people who do most, if not all, of the work. I can’t help but admire and appreciate those who do put in such effort to ensure that everyone gets out of the event what they came for. I can’t imagine trying to do it, myself. I haven’t the patience.

  7. I am Opposite Kemetic. I’ve been terrible all year and slightly less terrible in the last week or so. Go figure. :\

    • I know exactly what you mean! This post was more for the benefit of the others who are wigging out right now. Most of this year for me was absolutely awful! And yet, this past month has been filled with insight and creativity beyond my wildest expectations. 🙂

      • Up until a week ago, I totally would have agreed with this. Shitty year followed by an abundance of change and creativity. But this past week as shown me that I’m as susceptible to the wigging as anyone. Even if I am more or less keeping the internal wigging from leaking out all over the place. 😉 (At least I hope so!)

  8. You know, I’m not Kemetic. But damn if this doesn’t explain a WHOLE LOT.

    Great advice, as always. Thank you.

    And no, haven’t slept yet, why do you ask?

  9. *G*

    I don’t know about all of that Kemetic stuff, but things have been crazy nutso in my world, last couple of weeks. Strangely, it’s online that things have been peaceful.

    Go figure.

    • *HUGS*

      I know. And you have been absolutely a trooper in spite of everything you have had to go through.

      BTW, just got to see Roma’s reply to Sands, and he is rarin’ to get to a response – but he has to wait till I finish prompts. Needless to say, he is NOT happy at me! 😉

  10. You know, I actually wondered why my creativity seemed to just…drain away this month. This time last month, I was just bursting with ideas and plots and the like, totally energetic and ready to go. I suspect it won’t come back until all this year’s old crap is swept away and gone with Wep Ronpet.

    I am determined that this year will not be like last year. This year will not be filled with tears and feelings of failure. This year will be filled with hope and determination and trying to be the woman I know I was created to be.

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