Book Review: The Happiness Plan

“The Happiness Plan: 7 Simple Steps to Make the Life You Have the One You Want” by Carmel McConnell is founded upon the idea that we can have what we can have those things in our lives that bring us happiness and joy and it delivers on the promise. McConnell helps the reader to explore and discover what those things actually are. The book is filled with great tips, anecdotes and quotes to get you thinking about the things that make life truly have meaning vs. letting all the big things get in the way of what gives us joy and pleasure. I found myself dog-earning and highlighting numerous pages throughout, which is the mark of an author that has some profound and practical advice that should be remembered.

It is as easy as ABC: Allow more happiness in our lives, Begin – what can we do here and now?, Continue the process because it makes us happy. The seven steps include: Deciding to be happy, understanding happiness, Creating a personal happiness plan, Unlearning unhappiness, Our plan: make others happy, Some plan examples and Putting your plan into action.

I did rather enjoy this book, however, I would like to have seen a few less quizzes in the book. Obviously, anyone can figure out what the “ideal” answer would be for each quiz. They question to ask oneself as you read the book is whether or not you are answering honestly. Getting to the nuts and bolts of what it is that makes us happy, how we pursue this and the things that we do to ourselves or allow others to do to that happiness, whether wittingly or unwittingly is really what this book helps you examine and gives practical ways to change course so that happiness becomes the focus rather than the by-product.

I rated this item 4 out of 5 stars.

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