*le sigh*

I need a brain vacation. I am getting a very serious case of burnout.

As for my emoticon below, I think there are about half of them which would apply at this moment now. Back to writing prompts for WM. I am late, of course.


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4 responses to “*le sigh*

  1. *HUGS* Take it easy, a break if need be, and come back refreshed. We’ll still be here 🙂

    • *hugs* Thank you I sometimes wonder about that! I sometimes feel as if I am muddling through. I still have not gotten a handle on my Boukun story and you guys are making wonderful progress.

      It’s that time of year where everything begins to slow down.

  2. Agree with Jaye. It happens to all of us. *hugs* Just rest up.

    • *hugs* Thanks. I just have been feeling a bit out of sorts as if I am letting everyone down. I know it has to do with this time of year and how the only reason I dislike Fall so is that it leads to Winter, which I really am not happy about. Maybe it will change this year if I can work from home!

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