From all around…..

This is hardly surprising. I am Fae afterall. And I do not even need Sidhe mead to do it. 😉

You Can Make 96% of Your Crushes Fall in Love With You

Admit it, you can seduce practically anyone. And sometimes you try just for fun.
You’re a total heartbreaker that knows when to play it cool.
You are the type of person people go completely lovesick over. Just use your powers for good, okay?


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10 responses to “From all around…..

  1. *Sigh* Wait, did I say that out loud? 🙂

    • OOC:

      Aww! Thanks! I really apreciate that. 🙂

      I have to tell you, I do not comment often to your LJ, but you are probably one of the most inspiring people on my friendslist. I love reading your daily progress and the challenges and your interactions with friends, travels, etc. It makes me realise that choosing the writing life, while much hard work, is joyful and that never ending journey of discovery of both self and surroundings.

  2. According to your husband, this is very true.

    • Yes, well being as he and I had more surly words than kind ones between us at the beginning perhaps it was because he prefers a bit of spice.

      I am currently reocounting a story for Tennebra Nostro and for possibly Couples Therapy on his latest inceident.

      • Oh dear. That doesn’t sound very promising, although I’ll admit that it sounds entirely familiar.

        • It is fine, really. I am sure you know the usual bit of fawning that women do over your husband because he is a King. Well, I find that women fawn over my husband because he is French and rather dangerous looking. Apparently they seem to think that they might reform him. Fools.

          And by the by…..Sebastien has told me that you and Henry are supposed to visit us at the Chataeu de Rochefort. When, praytell are we gonig to see you? I am so anxious to see you both. 🙂

          • I wonder why so many women think that they can actually change a man’s nature at all. Besides, why would you want to change anything about him? The reason he is attractive in the first place is because he is who he is, plain and simple.

            Yes, he was quite kind in extending an invitation. I will speak to Henry as soon as he returns home so that we might schedule a visit with both of you.

  3. I must be totally immune to your charms then, Frances, as I’ve never found myself lovesick for you. *smirks*

    • I have always been much more satisfied with loyalty from you rather than lovesickness. But even you must confess that you are rather fond of me -well, as much as you would be fond of anyone else. *knowing smile*

      I do have to say, I am not sure that I like this test. Can anyone accuse Sebastien of being himself ‘lovesick’ for me or any other woman? In love yes, lovesick, Never.

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