OOC: Update

For those who are not aware of where I have been the last couple/few days, I have been working on getting submissions ready for a published anthology for Pan Historia. Which, btw, two stories by all_forme have been submitted and both most likely have made the cut. 😉 We go to press in a very short amount of time so meh…yeah that’s where I’ve been with that.

In other news, I am still doing that freelance thing as best I can. I am really very happy to be able to finally get my foot back into doing what I love FROM HOME! Which was my criteria, thank you very much. I am also beginning work on the book on the Goddess Sekhmet that I have been working on for far too long. I have an outline in place. Also, magickalalchemy.com is domain registered, and just when I have enough $$ in my bank account we will get her a web hosting site that has a shopping cart and start getting the merchandise etc. out there for that.

So, I know my Muses and I owe reps. I know folks have posted some great story installments and I PROMISE I will get to each and every one. I have just been insanely busy and fretting about finances (don’t we all, sometimes?) and I just have now come up for air.

Please gently jog my memory. I know that Caroline owes Stelios 2, Sands owes Roma 1, Frances / Faelyn owes someone somewhere. Thomas owes Sexby 1 (sounds kinky!) and Jocelyn – I am trying to remember. Anyway… I apologise for not being around. Just give me a yell!

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