Munday : Sharing Muses

To what extent are you willing to share the writing of your characters with others? Do you allow your peers to write your character into their stories, or do you get frustrated if they come to you with a suggestion involving your muse?

I have no problem sharing my Muse(s) with those whom I trust. That trust, however, has been built up over a period of time and those particular writers know me, know what my goals for my Muses are, and we have a mutual respect going on. Usually, it takes years to have built that up. My writing relationship with the scribe for all_forme, for example. If I have a bit of dialogue in mind, I will always run this by his scribe and vice versa. It has to be right. The same goes for any time I have written with or included civ_barbarian. I won’t lie. There are times when I have written something and the Muse or his scribe will want me to change it slightly. Example, Hsu never uses the word ‘worry’. He can have concern, but he is never worried. The same goes in reverse. 99% of the time, those writers with whom I have been writing for a good number of years know. Everyone in this circle of writers that we have created, either consciously or unconsciously, seems to have very good habits and will more often than not ask the other if ‘X ‘ or ‘ Y ‘ is ok. We each do this by emailing or IM-ing the other(s) first before posting any of the content. Assumptions can have disastrous consequences in terms of misunderstandings, hurt feelings, or something as simple as just differing perspectives can derail a potential storyline or RP. So we all tend to talk it out first.

Conversely, if someone sockpuppets my Muse and does not run the dialogue or a situation that my Muse is in by me, I do tend to get a little terse about it. This is especially true since the majority of my Muses are OC’s. After having been burned in the past, I am absolutely fierce about copyright issues. In my direct and personal experience, you have to be diligent about it, or believe me, you can get seriously burned. Once that particular demon has escaped, good luck bringing it back under control again! I don’t mind if people talk to me, and I know them – and I am pretty open to write with most, it is just that communication is a requisite.

With canon muses, I don’t think that you can justifiably raise any sort of fuss about such things. They don’t belong to us, no matter how much we might wish it so. But even those canon muses, I do like to check with their current scribes as well. Azazeal (1st_of_the200), is a canon muse that I think I have a fairly good understanding of. However, I ALWAYS run the dialogue and situation by his scribe because they have portrayed him in a very specific way. It is a matter of courtesy, really. You give what you expect as far as behaviour and treatment from others, and usually things tend to run much smoother that way.

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