4B.3 – 10 Things Someone Should Never Say To You

There have been a few things that it was probably better if the speaker had thought twice before saying them to me. Certainly it is not wise to take a Prince to task, and it is certainly ill-advised to do so with impugnity and no mind to who else might be present.

1. “Your Majesty, you must……”
2. “Only with the production of an heir can your Majesty’s throne ever be secure.”
3. “Forgive me, Majesty, for I fear that in my eagerness to entrap Mary, Queen of Scots, I failed to see the trap laid for us by Phillip of Spain.”
4. You don’t think we know where the orders come from. Everyone knows they sail up the Thames right into your royal bed.
5. Empresa de Inglaterra
6. “Essex never drew sword but to make knights.”
7. “You cannot marry Robert Dudley! He’s already married!”
8.”When I look at you I see nothing of my father, the King. I only see that Whore. My father never did anything so well as to cut off her head.”
9. “It’s been rumoured that the Queen is infertile.”
10. “Your cousin, the pretended Queen of Scots must be executed!”

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