$10 for A Year LJ Promotion

For those of us who have Paid or Permanent subscriptions to Livejournal we have up to ten coupons for those on our friends lists to get an LJ paid subscription for the low price of $10. Between this account and that of nomanselizabth and faery_ring I have 30. Please let me know if you want a coupon and I will send it out right away.


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12 responses to “$10 for A Year LJ Promotion

  1. LJ paid subscription

    A coupon would be nice.

  2. May I, please? I just had to let mine expire. :/

  3. That would be fantastic! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Yes, me please! (jumping up and down) This means more iconage, right?

    • Sent to you, M’dear! And yes, indeed. It does mean more iconage for you! You can also purchase even more if you wish, but this is definitely $10 off the total price.

  5. I also just had to let my paid account expire too. I could use a coupon if you have any remaining.:)

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