Munday Survey Says….

Attitude in relation to authority figures

Faelyn being High Lady and Queen of the Fortunate Island thinks of herself as an authority figure. As long as she agrees that that person or institution has equal or greater “authority” than herself things are fine. She is, though, a diplomat and can play the subordinate and the suplicant if it is to her calculated advantage to do so. She hotly resents the Christian Church, particularly the Catholic Faith, but she sees many protestants as being far worse in their subjugation and exploitation of women. She won’t be overt in her undermining those authorities, but she does work covertly in achieving her objectives.

Perfect mate Her husband, Sebastien, the Comte de Rochefort is her perfect mate. She is only allowed one marriage by the law of her people. During their marriage – before his death, Faelyn had no other lovers. When Sebastien was killed, she discovered shortly after she was pregnant. After the birth of her daughter, Caroline and the proscribed period of mourning for her widowhood, she gravitated back to life and taking the occasional lover. She tends to be rather selective in that she prefers the male (or female) in the equation to be dark and dangerous. She relentlessly attempted throughout four centuries to bring Sebastien back from the Realm of the Dead. Sebastien was always her ideal. Anyone else would have been settling for what she knew was the first and best choice for her.

There are others whom she has had intimate dealings with that are perfect in their own way, and certainly she has cared for them. but there was only ever going to be one husband for her.

Biggest shame She is a pompous, arrogant bitch. I doubt that you could shame Fanny / Faelyn into anything. Secretly, however, I do think she feels a great deal of complicity in both the presumed death of Athos, the Comte de la Ferre, and also of Sebastien. She also regrets that she is not the best of mothers – but she had no good examples as a child to how a mother should be, and therefore no point of reference. Also, i think her never having sought out her firstborn daughter, Maeve, is a source of ‘shame’ after leaving her with King Nuada to safeguard and to raise as his own.

Ideal job vs. actual job I think she ideally is doing what she wants to do being High Lady and Queen. She did murder her foster mother and usurp the position after all!

First moment of childhood happiness
That happiness is only a vague memory for her, when Faelyn and her mother were weaving flowers into garlands and crowns and dancing together in the forest. It was not very many months after this that her mother died.

Peak romantic experience he/she is constantly trying to recreate When she and Sebastien first fell in love. It was a slow realisation on both of their parts. Interestingly, in spite of everything, they seem to hold on to that passion even after all of these years. Certainly she does tend to gravitate toward noblemen and/or gentleman. Those whom she does let in that close, she does tend to be very discreet and quite guarded as to the nature of the relationship to any outside of it. Scandals are all too easy to generate and much harder to quell. Fanny / Faelyn is keenly aware of appearances and discretion in a Courtly situation of any sort is of primary importance.

Bedrooms Faelyn’s bedroom tends to be a very sumptuous, gothic sort of place that is at the same time quite ornate as well as being her sanctuary. This tendency of hers has never changed no matter what decorating fashion dictates. The only thing is that she tends to accumulate a bit more “stuff” over the years.

Refrigerator innards

Fresh fruits and vegetables, perhaps a little bit by way of leftovers that Chef Jacques or Sebastien has prepared the night before. there isn’t often leftover wine after dinner and usually it is red so it is kept at room temperature. Faelyn is partial to mango ice cream and will fight her husband or youngest daughter Jocelyn for it if the stores of it get down too low.

Nervous tics Fanny will twist her wedding riing from time to time. She will also fondle a necklace if she is wearing one. When she is frustrated or agitated she will use contractions in a sentence. And/or her Scot’s brogue will come out in full force – particularly if she is extremely angry. Any other time she is so conscious of her speech, it’s almost a compulsive obsession with her.

Dream life She lives it now, for the most part. I do believe, however, she would prefer to go back in time prior to the 19th Century and the Industrialized Age. It was then, in Fanny’s view, that everything really started to fall apart. She is not a huge fan of technology.

Biggest rival/antagonist Her firstborn daughter, Maeve. There is a great deal of bitterness and conflict that has been and is about to come as a result of earlier events. Faelyn had difficulty with others before such as Morgienne, Prince itet, Cardinal Richelieu and others, but Maeve, by far, is the most difficult and challenging.

Biggest accomplishment he/she wishes to achieve

I am afraid that one she will not be forthcoming on. I can only say, as her scribe and knowing her as I do, it is more than likely something impossibly ambitious and if it ends up being controversial, she is the kind that would not lose a wink of sleep over it.

Favorite site of refuge or succor
After her Homeland of the Fortunate Island, she would seek the refuge of her husband’s ancestral home, the Château de Rochefort.

Person from the past he/she doesn’t wish to bump into

Athos. It has happened in the past and that particular encounter is rarely if ever an easy one.

Most challenging physical act Wiling herself not to give birth to her daughter, Caroline, until her Anam Cara, Hsu Danmei arrived. She almost didn’t manage it. but of course she will never admit to it!

Most challenging mental act

Outwitting Azazeal when he initially came to lay claim to Jocelyn.

Most challenging emotional act

Not breaking her word when Sebastien found out that Faelyn was engaged to Athos. It was at that moment that she realised she had been lied to by others about Sebastien and she had made an incredibly wrong choice. For her to resolve in her mind that she would not be marrying the man she really loved and one who shared the sentiment was a bone crushing heartache for her. To have Sebastien swear that he would make her wear a widow’s rags before she ever wore white was a prophecy that resounded with truth. To have to wait out the required two and a half years of mourning was absolute agony for her and for Sebastien, too.

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