School still goes pretty hectic. I have been cramming my way through algebra and not really getting it at all. I have my fourth test tomorrow. I am holding steady at well…let’s just say I am passing the class – but just barely! :P~ Today we are doing graphing and I really do like that. It makes sense, oddly enough.

On another, decidedly sadder note, I lost a friend and colleague last week and just found out about it last night. Cecil Novak was a brilliant broadcaster, writer and just a really all around neat person. They found him dead in his apartment, I still have no clear indication what it was that happened. I do know he did have some health issues, but none of them were considered major.

Those of us in Kirkwood Student Productions could always count on Cecil to be there to run camera, or be in front of it, help us in every aspect of production and all the while having a ready smile and a listening ear. He was a few years younger than me, which underscores the idea that one can go at any time and how we live is far more important than how we die. For Cecil, for Asetmeri for all those whom we have lost this past year, Dua Netjer for all that you did in this Realm of Existence and all that you are sure to do in the Next.


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  1. I’m sorry for your loss. -hug-

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