Occult Survey from the Giovannis

What were you doing before this? Writing in my book.

What’s a word that rhymes with “Ectoplasm”? Orgasm (..or were you hoping for something a bit more subtle perhaps?)

Today’s favorite soup: *raised eyebrow* Goat’s head.

Today’s favorite song: ‘Even Gods Do’

Sybil Leek or Marie Laveau? Marie Laveau

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. I was married to one for over four hundred years.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Everyone does, oui?

Do you believe in the devil? Which one? The one I married or the ones that humans seem to fear most?

What occult-related dabblings have you indulged? Dabbling is for amateurs. You either possess the skills or you do not.

Ever consulted an oracle? Of course.

Favorite ouija board contact? You assume that I indulge in such ridiculous parlour games.

Tarot cards or tea leaves? Tarot cards

Favorite card in a tarot deck: The World.

Pentacles or crosses? Pentacles. Crosses are for the superstitious, sadists and masochists.

If you could contact anyone that’s ‘crossed over’, whom would it be? I can cut into any of the Seven Realms of Existence. Whether I can bring them back into the current realm I am in at will is another matter.

How do you feel about the paranormal in general? It is as much a part of reality as the world of form.

Hauntings or seances? Seances.

Summerland or Heaven? Those are the only two choices of which you are aware? *smirk* How typical.

Angels or fairies? They share a common kinship, you know. Since I am Fae, I will say Angels….particularly the Fallen Ones.

Devil’s food or angel’s food? Neither.

Cathedrals or churches? Cathedrals.

The forest or the sea? The Forest.

The Amityville Horror or The Ring? The Amityville Horror

Do you believe in Heaven? Yes. Would you care to be more specific about which one?

Finish this sentence: God is getting a migraine, no doubt.

What faith interests you? The ancient Annunaki.

Do you believe in reincarnation? If you are Immortal, do you need such a thing?

Favorite religious figure: D’anu.

Rosemary’s Baby or Poltergeist? Rosemary’s Baby

Ever brush up against the unexplained? Of course.

Favorite cemetery: The Rochefort family crypts beneath the Chateau de Rochefort.

Goblins or garden gnomes? Goblins

Worst horror movie: Killer Clowns from Outer Space.

Houdini or those white lion guys? Houdini

Mumler or Cottingly (google ’em if you don’t know ’em)? Mumler. Cottingly was a fraud.

PT Barnum or Aleister Crowley? Dear Cousin Aleister, of course.

What’s in your head right now: Hawking with my husband.

Dead person you’d buy a drink tonight: I pour a libation to them but buying them a drink is an absurd notion.

Spiritual animal for today: What sort of nonsense….

Post an occult-related website here: The Fantastic in Art & Fiction

Suggest an occult-related book, movie, or past-time:

Cemeteries or race tracks? Cemeteries

Favorite bit of vampire lore: That once you invite them in, all bets are off.

Favorite bit of zombie lore: That being bit by a zombie inevitably will make you one.

Favorite bit of witch lore: That they can be “made” rather than born.

Favorite bit of werewolf lore: That you can always tell them by the way their eyebrows meet in the middle.

Hansel and Gretel or Sleeping Beauty? Sleeping Beauty. It serves as a reminder to mind your manners with the Fae.

Favorite kind of crystal: The one that I happen to be using at the time.

Fetish or talisman? Talisman.

Frogs or bats? Frogs

Post a favorite occult-related image here:

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