The Kemet is Cool Project

pendant In my travels, being fresh from bed and my 30 second commute to my office, I was thinking that the prevailing theme here on my blog, on Tumblr and on my Facebook page is all about Kemet. All in all, I find that it doesn’t really matter what anyone’s individual opinion on Kemet is. For all of us, its the art, the religion, the culture and the history are truly what draw us. What matters to the most people is just that we are drawn to it – the why sometimes is rather intangible. There is a simple, yet sophisticated beauty that is timeless and it is that which speaks to the deepest part of our individual psyches.

So, that focus is going to be reflected here on my blog at and on my Facebook page (as usual). It seems to be what people most resonate to, and it gives me a chance to show others with the same love of Kemet or Ancient Egypt things they may not have heard of, aritists they may not be aware of that do fantastic work.

I look at this as my effort to get away from the infighting and the petty squabbles that seem to plague so many groups. I don’t care if the resource is Kemetic Orthodox, Reconstructionist, Afrocentrist, mainstream Egyptology or what have you. One truth remains: We each love the Two Lands for our own reasons, and no one else can dictate those reasons to us except by the callings of the deepest place in our kas. This project is specifically about that and that alone with no other agenda.

Ankh, udja seneb! (Life, prosperity and health!)

Fanny Fae (aka NiankhSekhmet)

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