Sekhmet Ritual

shrine1a1Yesterday (February 4th), marked the day that Sekhmet calls to Her shemsu (Followers). Last night I celebrated a rite to Sekhmet with heka, meditation and prayer. Offered before Sekhmet’s naos was ight, incense and pomagranate liqueur. It was a time of re-dedication and reflection on numerous goals and areas of personal focus. I was able to write some heka for the day which I will share here. This is only one part of the Rite. The other parts are either Oathbound or are not going to be published until the Sekhmet book is released.

Nothing and no one shall disrupt my peace.
Nothing and no one shall disturb my peace.
Nothing and no one shall destroy my peace.

I am the daughter of Sekhmet-Mut, daughter to the Queen and also to the King!
My birthright is that of the lofty and high.
My heka is strong; I shall not succumb to your machinations
My heka is strong; I shall not be turned aside nor turned back
You cannot interfere with my progress
I have already been established within the Eye of both my Mother and my Father
All the Netjeru know my name!
The Akhu have heard and shall always render their aid
My heka is the heka of my Mother
She who is the flame of all Power!
Copyright Ma’at Publishing

I do believe that this date, not accidentally, falls just one day before the Uncreated One, [Apep] is brought into existence on February 5th, according to an Ancient Egyptian Festival Calendar that I assembled years ago. I rather buried it even before I switched ISP’s and now it rests on the website that I am co-owner of, In reflection, it occurs to me that we, the shemsu of Nejter, are called to right to uphold Ma’at and to do what is right around us and what is within our power to do, even if that ‘right’ is merely getting our lives straightened out and all things working and in order. While that sounds like something that should be second nature for all of us, somehow in the process of living we put off, we shirk, or we pretend not to see what we know in our hearts must be done in order to preserve ma’at.

At any rate, I have a number of dates for various Sekhmet and HetHert (Hathor) festivals that I am working with. It is my goal to continue these throughout the rest of the Kemetic year. I am not necessarily doing the same dates that my Sekhmet sister, Aubs is doing or exclusively from a list that Candace Kant has published from a number of sources that was recently posted on one of the Sekhmet groups on Facebook. To this list, which mirrors the one I already have, I have a few more of from my own research. Unlike Aubs, I am not currently focusing on healing rituals for others at the moment. The only exception would be for emergency situations, of course. My reasons for not offering to do the same types of ritual work for others is this: I have done the stint as an herbalist and healer for Sekhmet, often to my own detriment. I now have to be wise enough and experienced enough to know when it is time to take a step back and heal my own self and my life. No, that isn’t foreshadowing any sense of ‘DOOM’; however, it is nonetheless necessary.

So both yesterday and today have been days of much reflection and planning and serious focus on both my online client work, school planning for next semester and the various publishing and filming projects. I admit, my shrines have been pretty much open the entire time with candles burning nearly on a constant basis. In the wake of the latest bits of cleansing and clearing, it feels as if a great weight has been lifted and much of the extraneous “junk” has been cleared away. It’s good to have that sense of being more organized and a sense of purpose. For too long I’ve been working on the agenda of others, and now it’s time to focus on my own. That alone has made the time spent very well worth it.



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6 responses to “Sekhmet Ritual

  1. This then makes perfect sense, for the last few days I have been on an absolute war path, all wrongs are seen as major transgressions against Sekhmet. I have violently reacted both spiritually and mentally at the injustice. I kept feel Sekhmet’s presence through out all of this. A scathing anger towards to world. —- or maybe it is just me and I am having a moment.

  2. This is a beautiful post. Think you for sharing party of your ritual… I will be reading it throughout the rest of my work week.

    • Thank you, my beautiful sister! That means so very much to me. I am going to make posting such things a regular practice. It’s kind of become this imperative and if someone such as yourself finds benefit, then I am very glad. 😉

  3. “Yesterday (February 4th), marked the day that Sekhmet calls to Her shemsu (Followers).” Wow. On that I day I went for a reading because I needed a bit of clarity on a major decision and just wasn’t objective enough to read for myself. Sekhmet came through like a hurricane to not only claim me but to tell me Her vision for what She wants to help me achieve. I tend to second guess and not myself a great deal in regards to the messages I receive. (This dates back to the rampant invalidation that sums up my entire childhood.) Sekhmet has always been a guiding force in my life but has never staked Her claim as my Matron prior to this. I’m still not sure exactly how I’ll be moving forward in this but just seeing this post was incredibly validating and leaves me hopeful. Thank you.

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