10 Ways for ADD Writers to STAR WARS! …Be More Productive

Sometimes having ADD is a blessing and at other times it’s a curse. It’s nice to know that as a writer afflicted / blessed with this condition, that you aren’t alone. KristenLamb wrote a great piece about it.

Kristen Lamb's Blog

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Other writers frequently ask how I somehow manage to get a lot of stuff done, despite my having the attention span of a ferret…with a bad crack habit. Here are 10 ways to help you be productive even if OOH! SHINY!

…even if you tend to be a tad majorly ADD. The following tips are what help ME stay focused. I am NOT a doctor or psychologist or ADD expert. I’m a Jedi master, warp engine inspector, and WRITER so you get what you get.

We’ve been talking this week about how to be able to do all it takes to not only be a digital age author, but to freaking ROCK IT while we are here. Truthfully, the explosion of social media is just proof to me that ADD people will rule the world…which probably explains all those “End of the World” prophesies.

In the meantime? We have dreams…

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2 responses to “10 Ways for ADD Writers to STAR WARS! …Be More Productive

  1. ADD/ADHD, I have this. Yes, curse and blessing. I think ADD/ADHD if handled well can be a rocket launcher to a successful life. Screw medication.

    • I would have to say that at times, medication is helpful. A few years ago, I tried being on Dexedrine. It really, really intensified my focus. However, being that I am a woman of a certain age, and I have to watch all aspects of my health, Dexedrine is probably not the most beneficial thing for me.

      I do know that as an herbalist, what I take for my asthma often does help with some aspects of ADD; as does a morning double-shot of espresso. 😉

      We with ADD can do amazing things. Because we usually have a wide variety of interests, many of us are not afraid to get our hands in and try them. Working with our medical challenges can rocket launch our lives. The trick is knowing what to do when.

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