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The Politics of Blogging

Being a blogger and a woman should not include death threats as part of either job description. A friend of mine over on Google+ pointed me toward a very interesting yet very chilling article yesterday. The author talked about how being a woman, being gay and being popular online can get you into all kinds of trouble. This was mainly due to the bad behaviours of the jealous, the bored and socially inept that are mostly threatened by tech-savvy women bloggers. This is particularly true if that woman blogger is successful. Some of these wonderful voices are in fact being permanently driven offline.

The following is an article that you should pass along to all that you know who write a blog. We need to get the word out, of course. But more than this, I would love to start a dialogue about it the issue.

Death Threats and Hate Crimes, Attacks On Women Bloggers Escalating


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Entering into the fray

Given the success of blogs such as The Wild Hunt, Ishtar’s Gate and other blogs that are off the beaten path, I have decided to give this WordPress blog a new focus and perspective.  History, film, magic, politics, archaeology, anthropology and of course the craft of writing are just some of the things I intend to cover.

Watch this space for further developments!

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Maybe it’s time for Ben Bernanke to actually be concerned about Rick Perry’s warnings that things are going to get ugly. Or, at least, perhaps the head of the Fed might want to ask for clarification:

Rick Perry the Pornographer – RT

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August 19, 2011 · 1:57 pm

Drabble #26: Alcohol

Opening a cabinet above he pulled out a bottle of scotch and two glasses, shuffling into the living room. Slowly I rose from the table and followed my host.

I retrieved the heavy file from my briefcase and brought it to the coffee table. Red poured Scotch into each glass.

Sitting down on the edge of the couch next to him, I pushed the folder toward him. Red took a sip from his glass, thumbing through the text files and photographs. The victims had been tortured, then suffocated. Red’s face blanched. Draining his glass, he winced then poured himself another.

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Occult Survey from the Giovannis

What were you doing before this? Writing in my book.

What’s a word that rhymes with “Ectoplasm”? Orgasm (..or were you hoping for something a bit more subtle perhaps?)

Today’s favorite soup: *raised eyebrow* Goat’s head.

Today’s favorite song: ‘Even Gods Do’

Sybil Leek or Marie Laveau? Marie Laveau

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. I was married to one for over four hundred years.

Have you ever seen a ghost? Everyone does, oui? Continue reading

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” London Memories” – ‘The Great Adventure’ (1900 c.e.)

“I do not understand, Maman,” I said, pushing my lip out petulantly, “Why must I stay here with Papa? He….” my eyes stung with the reality that my mother was leaving to journey for several months to her homeland and she was not taking me.”

With an exasperated sigh, she laid aside the garment she had just removed from her closet and placed it on the bed. Before the maid could pick it up and fold it for her, my mother gave a gesture indicating that the young woman leave us alone. With a stiff curtsy, the pinch-faced girl, whom I only knew as Isabel, wordlessly left the room, closing the door behind her.

As soon as she was certain we were alone, my mother sat down on the edge of the bed and patted the space beside her. I dragged my feet and slowly sat next to her, my eyes stung no less and my lip had not retreated in the slightest in spite of this impromptu concession. “Françoise,” she began, “I have already promised you, I will send for you soon.,” she began, “but for now, I need you to understand. There is too much at stake in my homeland. Your father will be absorbed in the business, and you have Elise, oui?” Maman raised my chin with gentle fingertips.”

“My heart hurts, Maman,” I said, “I feel as if something terrible is going to happen and I have no idea what it is. Please say you will stay.”
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From Hsu and Cody Jean

What Kind of Serial Killer Would You Be?

Your Result: Organized and Goal-Oriented

You’re a planner. You’d carefully plot each murder, and carry it out methodically. You’ll kill them in one location and move them to another later, and you’ll study up your forensic science. The good news is, you’re much harder to catch.
You won’t kill for the person, you’ll kill for material gain. Your goal is finance, not a psychopathic compulsion- but you have absolutely no problem killing as many people as necessary to get what you want.

Organized and Hedonistic
Disorganized and Hedonistic
Disorganized and Gain-Oriented
Organized and Mission-Oriented
Organized Visionary
Disorganized and Mission-Oriented
Disorganized Visionary
What Kind of Serial Killer Would You Be?
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Quote Fun

“It’s never been confirmed that Elizabeth I was a virgin. It’s like the Virgin Mary – it’s about branding, a logo. To use a modern term, Elizabeth was actually a bit of a slut.” – Dane Helen Mirren

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Instead of NaNoWriMo

I am still in school, just past midterms for fall semseter and I seem to be doing ok. Now to get caught up on my French homework and get my various video and print projects done! Rae, one of my professors, says that I really must like to “haul ass” as she put it. Heh….well, I can’t really deny that! 😉 I just am trying to get my last year or so of credits finished and geared toward my final area of study at the University of Iowa. Unfortunately, however, due to some using state’s film credit program and abusing it, our governor halted it. More can be found HERE.

All that political mess aside, I just got a call this afternoon from Geoff, the EP for Waterline Entertainment. It seems that we have a couple of things in the offing.

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Frater et Soror Alchemia: Ascension (Chapter 1)

OOC: This is out of the usual sphere for this particular muse. I am working on a Steampunk bit over on Pan Historia in the novel, “The High Adventure”. Essentially, it is the Steam Barons vs. the Alchemists who want to destabilize the economy and make things more “even” among the common people by literally turning lead into gold. Faelyn and her friend and confidante, Doctor Augustin Chaubert, who heads up the local chapter of the Order of the Golden Dawn, that serves as a front for the Alchemists, are the “bad guys”. We are hoping, however, that people may be able to empathize at least a little with thier alleged “cause”..

“…and we must put aside the aside the conventional image of the alchemist as a threadbare, etiolated individual, filthy and stinking from sulphurous smoke and half-poisoned by mercury, and picture a well-dressed, articulate man surrounded by noble men and women in a vaulted chamber of a castle or palace, lecturing deferentially to people who most certainly well understood what he was talking about and who had examined his equipment to obviate any chances of fraud. Demonstrations by members of the Academie des Sciences in the presence of Louis XIV, or by Fellows of the Royal Society of London before Charles II, provide close parallels, the demonstrators being some of the foremost scientists of the day.” – P.G. Maxwell-Stewart, “The Chemical Choir: A History of Alchemy”

Upon the dais he had ascended and he had done so magnificently. After the long-awaited passing of, Leiland Worth , Augustin Chaubert was the new blood that the Society of Alchemists had been needing for so long. Continue reading

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