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Questions 7.25.07

1 – What’s something you should throw away but can’t?

I have a dress, it was that of a noviate when I was Morgienne’s apprentice on the Fortunate Island. It was not something that has happy memories attached to it, and yet I have hung on to it all these years. Perhaps I hold on to it to remind me where I came from, should I be tempted to become soft on things like betrayals.

2 – What is your most unusual nighttime or morning ritual?

I spend hours writing in my book. I don’t know that that is unusual, but I have been doing it ever since I was a very young child. Every night, with the rare exceptions where it and I were separated from each other I have sat down to write within it’s pages. I have filled more than one tome over the last five hundred years, of course, but every night it’s the same.

3 – Do you believe in horoscopes or predestined prophecies?

I believe in using astrology as a tool to assist in getting the best results out of something possible. I do not however, believe in pre destiny or prophesies that prove something. To me, a prophecy that fails to come true i s a success. It means that people have broken out of their superstitious mindsets and actually overcome that which was believed to be pre-destined. I believe we make our own destinies, and I also believe that with the conscious direction of the Will, anything is possible.

4 – What are you a “natural” at doing?

I have been told I am a natural diplomat. I have an aptitude for language and speak a few with at least a fair amount of proficiency. I will confess that I know that I possess a way of drawing out those whom I engage in conversation, making them feel at ease. Some say it is due to my being half-Fae, and therefore what I am doing is a sort of shapeshifting. I don’t think that is very accurate, really. If I were, I think that I would know about it. I don’t think I could begin to explain how I do what I do – only that I do it. There really is no ‘magic’ to it. It’s just a willingness to listen and observe.

5 – What is your earliest memory?

I remember my mother singing me to sleep when I was all of three years old. I remember her sweet face bent over me, soothing my fears and making me smile. There were fireflies in the summertime when I would fall asleep in her arms beneath the large mimosa tree. I didn’t realize then that I was born a halfling and a bastard. In my mother’s eyes was all the love that could ever existed in the whole of the world. Whatever we did together it was all wonderous magic. My mother showed me the wonders of the world with a joyous delight that I have rarely seen in many others. Little did I know that the sweetness of those moments would come to an abrupt end a year later.

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