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What do you do with old LP’s?

Recently I started cleaning my herb room / meditation space which is in the basement here in the Log Cabin in the Enchanted Forest. A friend of mine, Marina Rose, left an entire crate of record albums for me to hang onto. She did this about 17 years ago. I have tried to find her, get in touch with her and to no avail. I want and need the space so that I can finish cleaning, reclaiming and making the space mine once and for all. I have several questions as to the dispensation of the albums, and then once I do that, do I just ship it out? Is it worth uploading them on eBay – there has to be over 100 of them! Some of these are Beatles albums, Led Zepplin, along with artists from the 80’s whom we would never admit to having bought the album in the first place. If I do this, how do I ship them to their new owners? The last time I was at the post office, I did not see mailers that were the size of LP’s.

Or should I just forge the hassle, take them to 1/2 price books, get what I can and be done with it?

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