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Prompt 8.7. – Mun Prompt – Muse Retirement.

I don’t know that I could retire Fanny even if I wanted to. Since I am dealing with something that is based off an ancestor of mine, I don’t think I can. People have come up to me and said, “Fanny isn’t just a character you are dealing with, is she?”. To which I almost am compelled to say, ” Well not really,” or more specifically, “Oh, hell, I don’t know!” It’s kind of exasperating because in my particular culture, we honour our dead ancestors, and so part of the reverence is listening to them when they speak to us – and in our culture, they do very much interact with the living. Sometimes they say and do things we would rather not have revealed. I will confess that I have had spooky things come about because of this writing relationship I have with her. One more recent example was someone who IM’ed me to say that they had a dream about Fanny and they were in her library. What was even more frightening is that they described it exactly. It was a little unsettling, but it made me realize that we can’t always explain the interactions that we have with our muses/characters/ egregore /ancestors (or whatever the hell she is!). Sometimes they take on a life all their own. That is definitely what she has done.

Am I even going to retire her? Probably not. She has a hell of a lot to say on just about any given subject. I can’t say, ‘never’. I do know that she wants to have bigger projects in her own name. I have told civ_barbarian‘s wonderful mun that I am really taking dictation for her. I figure when she wants to retire, she will be the one to tell me, When she does, it will most likely be to the Fortunate Island, which is her true home. However, at this point I just do not see it happening. She has too much to live for, too much to say. Fanny’s outlook on life is very much like that line in the Metallica song, “Human”: Come squeeze the world and drip it down my throat again… She does that constantly. And if she goes, she’s most definitely not going to go quietly.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 376
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