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Introduction to Writer’s Muses

writing_smAbout 7 years ago, some writer friends and I started a writing prompt community on Livejournal. We did this because one was desperately needed. We wanted it to be an answer to other writing / character-centric communities various blogging venues. Those of us who were there were looking for new and interesting ways to stretch our characters and to dig down deep into who they were and are wanted to create a compelling reason to show up at the page – and so Writer’s Muses was born. It was well received and copied many times over.

Time and the social media landscape being what they are, however, Writer’s Muses along with the scores of other sites fell to the wayside. Following the incredible amount of encouragement from past members of the sites  over at Livejournal, Dreamwidth, PanHistoria elsewhere , we decided to repeat that past success if possible and do it here on my blog, as well as on past venues – and with social media links on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Bloglovin’.

How it works
Each week will feature a series of writing prompts.  In the past on the Livejournal and Dreamwidth communities we had a minium word count of 150 words.  It wasn’t a hard and fast rule because we know that sometimes certain characters that we write tend to be very short and sweet with their responses, and so those are acceptable, too. The key to  Writer’s Muses prompts was for members to simply enjoy the process and want to show up at the page.

After picking a prompt, write it out in your blog or even your physical journal.

A good format to follow is the one that we set up for our members, but you can do it any way you like of course!

Prompt Set #, Prompt Number and Letter( if applicable), and the Title.

An example would be:
1.1 – What Mother Told Me Never to Do

Some of us add the name of the character, the fandom and the word count. such as shown here.  It can be listed at the top of the entry or most prefer it to be beneath the entry like this.

Muse (Character):Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 454

You can add your own tags for muse names, subject and the like .   The key is to have fun!

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58.2.B – Friendship

“Real friendship or love is not manufactured or achieved by an act of Will or intention. Friendship is always an act of recognition.” – John O’Donohue, ‘Anam Cara: a Book of Celtic Wisdom’

Hsu Danmei was never a man to outwardly show any sort of discomfort in even the deepest and coldest snow. Indeed, my friend, my Anam Cara*, was one of the Hsiung-nu, and he would tease me of my intense dislike of cold and inclement weather. I kept my eyes on him as we rode through the mountain pass, I could see my breath and the breath of both of our mounts and the two pack animals cut through the bitter cold air and the snow that now flew almost completely horizontally. He turned in his saddle and glanced back at me as I struggled with my wraps and my tack uncomfortably, trying to keep myself warm. He dismounted and trudged through the drifts toward me. His expression was stern but there was no irritation on his face when he reached my side. Only his words were mildly chastising.

“By the Gods, Frances,” he scoffed, glancing up at me. He refastened the ice-caked stirrup that I had knocked askew, and then pulled free the end of my all-too thin woollen cloak and tucked it beneath the front of the saddle to secure it and to preserve my body’s warmth, “You were born in Scotland, and the weather there is miserable all of the time. I can’t remember when I was there and the sun ever shone at all. You should be used to the cold by now.”

“Even we Scots have the good enough sense not to sleep in the cold in the heather, wrapped in nothing but our plaids and our skins,” I snorted derisively at him, “besides, it never snows on the Fortunate Island!” My skirts were heavy with the snow that had melted against my body heat, and I was beginning to shiver. I hated snow with a passion and I felt like a wet animal weighted down by yards of cloth that were refreezing and becoming stiff and heavier by the moment from the snow and freezing air. There was no respite from it and that made me even more irritable.

Hsu shook his head and gave my calf a slight squeeze through the folds of fabric before turning to go remount his own horse. “Well, we aren’t on the Fortunate Island now, are we?” he said as he swung back into his saddle, and then shot back over his shoulder, “with any luck we won’t be sleeping in the cold tonight either. There’s a village just beyond this pass.” cut for length & sexual content (NSFW)

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