The Kind of Accords that Lucifer Grants

Author Name: fannyfae
Title: The Kind of Accords that Lucifer Grants
Rating: R – maybe…
Pairings: Barbossa / Fanny Fae (OC) / Dawg Brown
Disclaimer: I do not own any character save Fanny Fae. Dawg (Douglas) Brown (Cuthroat Island), Morgan Adams and Captain Hector Barbossa belongs to others. I am just playing with them like I always play with my toys.
Summary: I and others have commandeered both “Cutthroat Island” and “Pirates of the Caribbean” and merged them for our own amusement. Fanny Fae and Douglas Francis O’Riely aka ‘Dawg Brown’ and his niece, Morgan Adams, have a run in with their old friend Captain Barbossa when planning to go on a swag expedition in the Japans against the Spanish and Portugese. The time period is before PotC, and before the curse. This is a setup for a larger tale that is still a work in progress. Note to self: Plot bunnies at Easter time are terrible things.

I had plead my case before Blackthorne and Captain Olin Winchester. Both men objected strenuously to my being on the journey, although not strenuously enough for me to be disuaded from my goal. At last I had gotten a nod, coupled with warnings of pulling my share on boarde and the usual objections that crewes on board ships automatically believe women ona ship to be bad luck. What rot! I assured the Pilot Major that no ship that I had e’er set sail on had sunk whilst I was on it, and that if they had any questions as to the veracity of my claime they could ask Douglas about it. Surely he would not contradict that, for it woulde also reflect badly ‘pon him since I was, in the years that we were together, constantly at his side.

But then, my heart ached once more at the rememberance of howe Douglas and I had parted. Captain Hector Barbossa was at the centre of that heartache, and had it not been for my sheer Will alone, I woulde not have come to stand on the shores of Barbados to looke into Douglas’ eyes once more.

Though his angry words rejected me, and accused me of lies, I knewe from the look in his eyes that he knewe better of it. By the Goddess, woulde his heart soften again? Dianae knewe, as I did, that Douglas Francis O’Reily was a man of deep convictions, but his loyalties also ran deep. For him to percieve of betrayal by one whom he had loved woulde have plunged him into the depths of dispair, and anger. To have betrayed him to an enemy of the calliber and temperament of Captain Barbossa was the border of unforgiveable. If he had believed that of me all of these years, how coulde his reaction have been any different? Do not make the mistake of imagining that I never entertained the idea of surrendering to Barbossa. For many were the tymes that I very nearly did – and the times before Douglas and I, well let us say that those memories are for another tyme. And I will tell of them, no doubt.

From the darkest corner of the noisy pub I watched him, clutching my dark woolen cloak to me, after softly whispering a prayer to the Goddess to render me invisible to Douglas and any who woulde expose me before I chose the time to, if I chose to do so at all.

Across the room I recognized Douglas’ neice, Morgan Adams, the kindly Captain and Mr. Glasspoole both who were mostly responsible for having brought me here after I had left Captain Myngs and The Centurian . It was hard for me to stay silent and in the shadows as a scuffle ensued, and Douglas, true to his very nature of binding family to himself stepped in. It is those things about this man that have made me bind my heart with his – and why I waited in the shadows in case I were needed. Old habits, you see, die hard.

The ensuing argument that I witnessed between Douglas and his niece, Morgan, was typical, of course.

” You’ll be doin’ so such thing, Morgan, “Douglas nearly growled at her, “This ain’t no journey for a woman…”

Captain Morgan Adams rose to her feet, ” How dare you judge what I can and cannot do!”

Pushing himself up from the table Douglas met Morgan face to face, “This ain’t no journey for a woman and that’s my last word on it. Ye’ll not be sailin’ those waters Morgan. And if ye know what’s best fer ye, ye’ll mark me words!”

“I’ve been captain of the Sea Siren since ye killed Black Harry and I’ve seen her through e’ry kind of danger imaginable. And you are not Black Harry, so ye’ll not be tellin’ me what to do!”

T’was the commotion outside that seemed to pull Dawg’s attention for a moment. E’en now, after all these years, watching him produced a thrill in me. He was, as always, completely in his element here, among other men of the sea, knee-deep in the swash and refuse and scandal of the lyfe of a pyrate.

As I watched, most assuredly I knewe that I had been spotted by Captain Morgan Adams. She opened her hand and her eyes lifted as if to greet me and motion for me to join her and Mr. Glassepool and of course, Douglas. I conveyed through my eyes that the welcome was not at the most opportune of moments. Taking my unspoken meaning, as all goode women who have the least bit of inner knowing must, she turned back to her drink and to the men that surrounded her.

’We will see if we women will not be a part of the crewe, Douglas,’ I thought, fighting back my amusement.

At last I emerged from the shadows of the back of the bar, it was as if I had stepped from the walls as a ghost, for men who didn’a notice me moments before stopped their bellering and brawling to cast a furtive glance in my direction. One swab, a grizzled sea dog with jowls that hung nearly down to his shoulders made the sign of the cross o’er himself as I made my way across the room to where Douglas, Morgan and Mr. Glassepool sat. Douglas looked up and I swear that at that moment, at first he seemed pleased, but wanting to keep his ruse of being properly aloof and apart from me, he ground his jaw and did not speake. It was as if he thought he coulde will my disappearance, then he coulde see to the matters at hand. But the matter at hand was, I was going with him and Blackthorne and Mr. Winchester, and there was naught that even Douglas Francis O’Reily coulde do about it!

T’was Captain Morgan Adams that was the first to speake, her voice cleare and calm o’er the raucous inside the Flaming Boar, “Miss Fanny, ’tis good to see you again.”

“Aye, and you, Captain Adams” I nodded, then turned to Mr. Glassepool who had graciously given me his own quarters in consideration of my safety when I was aboard their ship, ” And I am equally glad to see you, Mr. Glassepool. I am pleased to see ye’ll be joining us on the voyage to the Japans.”

“Miss Fanny,” Glassepool nodded and raised his tankard to me slightly in acknowlegement.

I did not glance down at Douglas, nor did I acknowlege his presence. And for my efforts, I coulde feel the heat of his anger rising, I had not only insinuated myself on the journey, as he had tried to forbid me, but I had countermanded his pronouncement that his niece, Morgan be not allowed to join the voyage as well. I daresay that such contraditions to his bluster woulde always please me – especially when I woulde be the one to win, as more oft times than not, I surely did. I knewe however, he coulde remain silent for too much longer.

Without a word, Douglas merely raised a quizical eyebrow and kicked an empty chair in my direction.

I stared at the chair for a moment then glanced back at him, keeping my voice and my expression even, “Did the chair do something to offend you perhaps, Douglas,” I ask’d “or is this your way of inviting a lady to sit?”

He a’course didn’t answer my cheeky remark, but instead looked to my eyes which were probably blazing far more brightly than I had intended. A slight smile curled ‘pon his lips. I am sure that he regarded me as though I were armed with gunports open, ready to do battle with him. In truth we woulde battle over it, but it woulde be sometime later. Of that there was never any doubt!

For the rest of the evening Douglas, Glassepool, the members of the crewe and I sat hashing out the details of the trip. Douglas ne’er getting too close to me, and I ne’er letting on that I wanted it to be otherwise. My thoughts turned to the One who was Undead. How coulde I tell Douglas about something, that someone like me, as a Wytch knowes; especially when he is so uncomfortable with the thought of that realm? For all his faults, and his sheer maliciousness, at least Barbossa understood and coulde deal with that part of me. Coulde it be during this, I had developed a bit of sympathy for Satan Himself? I dd not dare to entertain the thought, and yet I coulde not dismiss it completely either. Time would tell when the time of trial woulde begin, and so I forced the thoughts of Hector Barbossa from my mind for the moment.

While Douglas and one of Blackthone’s crewe talked quietly amongst themselves, my attention shifted to Captain Morgan Adams. I let my eyes follow her eyeline and saw that she was watching a half naked man, handsome as he was tall, carrying two tankards of ale and moving toward the stairway that led to the sleeping chambers in the floor above. Both Douglas and I caught the two make eye contact and Morgan rise from her seat with nary a worde to any of us to follow him.

I let my eyes go to Mr. Glasspoole, Morgan’s First Mate, and by the looks of his reaction, he was devoted to her on more than as First Mate to Captain. His eyes met mine and then he quickly turned them away saying nothing. I turned to Douglas who was telling another sailor, one unknown to me and yet fully familiar with the fact that we woulde be setting sail within a fortnight.

“Captain Sinclair, there is not only a grand adventure to be had, but gold as well. Spanish gold, just ripe for the pickin’ …” Douglas explained to the grubby captain that had joined us. Douglas jumped up to stand upon the seat of his chair, “Gold plundered by priests of the Mother Church herself!” he cried in a loud voice. The assembleage heard the word gold and all activity were locked upon him. Douglas lifted his other foot so that now he stood on the top of the rough and use-worn table top, tankard in one hand, his other formed into a fist and planted firmly upon his hip. ” I ask ye laddies, is there no finer plunder, than takin’ from those that plundered it themselves? ”

There was a resounding “Aye” from all quarters.

Douglas’ voice rose above the din, ” Mr. Blackthorne says we will be ready to sail within a fortnight. Will ye all be ready ta sail? ” he cried.

Another resounding ” Aye!”even ouder this time.

“Then I say, drink, eat and wench yer fill, and by the powers ye’d best be ready for the adventure of a lifetime!”

Pandemonium broke loose around us. The lads were stoked and ready to lay claim to the gold plundered from the Japans and the Chi’n by the Papists. Douglas cleared his throat and began an old sailor’s tune to send them on their way, raising his tankard of ale on high.

A British tar is a soaring soul,
As free as a mountain bird,
His energetic fist should be ready to resist
A dictatorial word

His nose should should pant,
and his lip should curl,
His cheeks should flame,
and his brow should furl,
His bosom should heave,
and his heart should glow,
And his fist be ever ready
for a knock-down blow…

All at our table and indeed the rest of the tavern lifted their voice in song and joined Douglas in song. Except me, who did’na ever really sing the shanties, saving for those times when I entreat the Goddess or the Lwa. I’faith tis one of those things that I holde sacred, but no less a smile upon my face and in my heart for seeing Douglas and the rest so joyous.

Tankard in hand, Douglas jumped down from the table draining it’s contents and tossing it aside. With the rum and the ale flowing and the carousing of the company, he scooped me up from my seat and slung me over his shoulder a great cry went up among them. In an instant my eyes locked with that of Mr. Glassepool and then with a tall and mysterious Moor who had joined the expedition, as Douglas carted me upstairs. I thought only for an instant to resist, but the inner voice, the woman’s voice in me woulde not let me do so.

As we climbed to the upper chambers of the Inn, he did not strain with my weight, but toted me around as if I still was a spring wisp or a bag of feathers. I had forgotten how much taller and how much more petite I was compared to the bulk of him. To him I couldna weigh more than a sack of grain, I thought. He kicked open a door and with a growl he threwe me onto a waiting featherbed. Coming down on top of me pinning me downe. His eyes were dark and his meaning was clear.

My heart was as loud in my ears as the Vodou drums upon the Islands as he hovered o’er me! My hands rested on his shoulders and gingerly I let myself reach out and stroke his strong jawline. I coulde barely breathe, not because of his weight ‘pon me, but for the weight of what I was feeling. Within the blink of an eye, his lips were on mine, and mine answered his, I bit back a soft moan as my hands stroked his neck and his face. His fingers plunged and tangled in my hair. No words were spoken, and i’faith I can say that we did not need to speak. Douglas’ jaw parted and his tongue snaked between my slightly parted lips. My body obeyed the unspoken command and opened to him, my thighs aching sharply for him . Suddenly all of the years of searching and denial of my owne desires had come to rest in what little space that remained between us. That space was quickly becoming filled by his want and my need. All I could see, or be or think about at this moment was entangled and ensconced in him!

Douglas growled as he undid the laces of my bodice, my hands had already pulled the hem of his shirt up over his head and with a careless motion I flung it away. Douglas ground his hips into me and I could feel his tumescent conviction against my thigh and belly. I closed my eyes and savored the sensation of his lips and his stubbled chin dragging roughly across the sensitive underside of my breasts leaving me gasping aloud. My breath hthced and increased just as his did. With a deft move I rolled him with him until I was pressed on top of him. My knees on either side of his narrow hips, I leaned forward on my elbows and he looked up at me with those eyes. Ah the pain of it! By the Goddess, the beauty of him, ‘specially now woulde make a woman to weep!

“Fanny Fae…” he growled against my throat, “Fanny…” his voice trailed off as he kissed my hair.

“Hush….”I pressed my fingertips to his lips to silence him, for lovers often talk to much in the throes of passion, and Douglas was ne’er any different in that respect. I replaced my fingers with my lips, savoring the taste of him and letting each movement fling both our garments aside, and wash away each moment of paine that I had experienced. Furiously he crushed my mouth to his, both fo us enflamed by the physical reaction in the other. My own loins ground into his hoping to aleviate the burning sting that had been tormenting me. Everything was an urgency that melted and boiled like hot sugarcane in the boiling pots in the plantation fields, and only Douglas coulde quench it.

Unable to stand the torture, Douglas flung away the last bits of cloth that remained between us. With a sharp gasp, he rolled me beneath him and I drew myself around him, I could not breathe as our bodies met finally, his tongue plundering my mouth. The long elegant fingers of one hand caressed my cheek while the other slowly moved up my side and brushed against the sensitive underside of her breast. At once I felt my stomach tighten and a hot tingling between my thighs. My eyes did not leave his nor did I object to his touch.

Douglas…..” I whispered softly, I felt m eyes widening . His eyes were dark with hunger and almost reverently he kissed down my neck and hungrily took a hardened nipple into his mouth with a low growling moan of indulgence. I let out a soft gasp in response, pulling one hand that had begun stroking my neck to my lips, first one then another, listening for the quickening of Douglas’ breath. He took my face between his hands kissing me gingerly at first then deepening it to kiss me long and slow. There was still the sweetness and warmth of the rum that we had shared in the tavern below upon his tongue. I let myself sink deeper into the kiss, my fingers tangling through his hair. His mouth on mine, tongues slid into each other, entwining like mating serpents. Desire and raw need cut sharp and hot into my belly like a brand. Out of the corner of my eye, I let myself glance at his bronzed body that was intermittently marked with the pale tale of scars and the blue-black lines of tattoos. I let my fingers trace along the lines of one of the deepest of marks upon his forearm.

With the dexterity of those moves that I saw Douglas perform when he brought the Reaperto heel in the pitch of a storm, he brought me to obey ‘neath his hand. Yet his roughened fingertips moving in those regions ‘neath my waist and sides with slow deliberation were causing me to tremble with near-madness. I gasped sharply, looking up at him wide-eyed. My sudden jolt made him smile with self-satisfaction and his mouth fastened upon mine again, hot, hard and hungry. My limbs entwined with his, savoring each stroke of his fingertips, I let myself surrender into what was instinctual. I let myself allow to feel him and respond on an intuitive level , just as I had many a year ago. Through half-closed eyes I watched him watching me, as if noting every reaction of on my face and body. For all of his pirate captain’s brash and bluster, he was always the most attentive of lovers.

He plundered every bit of my soul as surely as his manhood plundered me to the very height of my sex. Calloused hands slid down over the bare flesh of my waist and hips as he thrusted into me o’er and oer again. With a sharp cry I reached my culmination. As I did so he bit into my shoulder causing the entire world to careen out of control. Not long after, he followed me to the height of that cliff and his own release broke over like the sea upon the rocks. By the Goddess, the tears, they came! Ten years of waiting and wanting to be back in this place, in this moment that I found myself in now were more than I could bear. He must have felt them hot and wet against his shoulder. E’en as we lay panting together, riding out the storm tide of the emotions we had just weathered, he kissed away the tears on my cheeks. I just held him close, running my fingertips over his nose and tracing lazy designs and sigils ‘pon his flesh and basking in these moments with him. So much was within me that I wanted to say, but coulde not. Our reunion had rendered me speechless, and perhaps it did for Douglas, too. I did not want to waste this moment, nor take it for granted, either. For once, it had felt as if I had come to that place which felt like home.

Douglas lay next to me as I dozed within the crook of his arm. He covered us both with the blankets and murmured softly to me. Through dim wakefulness, sometimes I could e hear his words clearly, and sometimes it felt like a dream. Always the softest of touches, the sweetest of caresses I felt to the point where it raised gooseflesh on my skin.

” Fanny… Fanny Fae… “he whispered, “I didn’t realize ’til now, how much I’ve missed ye, ” Douglas was thoughtful as he held me and we just basked in each other’s presence. I was in that place between waking and dream. Within moments I dozed, I let myself sink into the sensitivity of his warm touch, and just the presence of him. For the first time in many a year, I felt safe. Completely safe.

It was the pressing of a kiss onto my head that stirred me to a slow, lazy wakefulness. I kept my eyes closed and look’t at him through the dark fans of my lashes, “I’d forgotten how beautiful you are, ” he whispered in a barely audible tone, .”How perfect your body melds to me own… How long will you stay this time Fanny… Fanny Fae? ”

I did’na answer. The truth was, if it were up to me, I woulde choose to live and die at his side, always. But things were different now. Douglas was married, had family, children, and my owne body had lost the child we had made together all those years ago. ‘Twas the one thing that tied me to him. I had to tell him what happened eventually, about how we were parted, and what Barbossa had truly done. But now all that I coulde imagine or e’en think of now was the warmth and the love that I felt for him and I allowed myself to bask in it.

“I think I might be in love with you, Fanny Fae.” Douglas said quietly, whispering the words into my hair. “Damned if that doesn’t complicate things for both of us.”

What elation what joy his words made me feel! By the Goddess and all the Saints of Heaven and Earth, it was all that I coulde do not to spring up from where I was lying and fling my arms about him! I ne’er dreamed I woulde hear so quickly after our reunion what I had waited scores of years to hear, what I knewe in my heart, yet ne’er had confirmed: that Douglas Francis O’Riely did love me, and maybe he always had!

“When was it e’er not complicated for both of us, Douglas?” I turned to him with a slow sleepy smile. I reached out and ran a fingertip over his cheek and to his lips. He met my touch with a soft kiss. I felt my stomach pull and ache with want for him again, “As for me, you knowe in your heart that I have always loved you. I will be staying as long as ye want me to. E’en death will not sever us.”

“Ye mean ye weren’t asleep? ” Douglas’ eyebrows raised and he chuckled softly, “Women’s trickery and chicanery! I knewe that ye couldn’t be trusted!”

“Nay, not at all where you are concerned! I would lie cheat and steal from Old Nick Himself if it meant that I got to spend a single moment with you.” I knew that he coulde not even begin to knowe how much I had been punished already by the lack of trust that had come between us, nor what punishments woulde lie ahead for both of us.

I puled myself up to lay against his broad chest, and held his arms close to my body. Lying skin to skin, I tolde him the tale, every intimate detail of how I had been trapped and held away in a remote location by Barbossa so that neither Douglas nor his crewe could find me. I told him the story about the young boy who had set me free, but by then it was too late, the Reaper had gone and with it Douglas had gone, of course. I allowed myself to cry at last when I told him of how I had born and buried our son. All the tears I had saved, all the pain and frustration that I had held so close, I coulde finally let lose, but i’faith, I knewe e’en as he stroked my hair and kissed my forehead and my tears away, that he would still always somewhat doubt.

“I ne’er left your side by choyce.” I said finally, “on the soul of our son, I woulde ne’er leave you by choyce and I ne’er will! By the Goddess, I was’na strong enough! Damn me to hell for not being strong enough to fight him!”

“Do ye not realize what ye just done, Fanny?” Douglas asked, reaching out to stroke my hair and hold me close again. I let myself slip the comfort of his soothing touch, “Do ye not realize the oath ye swore and iffin ye break yer word, you and our son will burn for eternity!”

“Aye, I knowe. ” I answered, my eyes looked up at his, and I kissed his fingertips, pressing them into my face, “I woulde rather be burned in Hell and our child with me for all of eternity than to be separated e’er again from you!”

“Then God help us both, as I will most likely burn with ye!” he chuckled softly and kissed me again. By the threat of damnation and fire and condemnation we had begun our time together and so we had resumed it again by the same threat – only this time it had been spake by my very owne lips.

We both dressed, slowly, languishing in caresses and kisses again, even falling back to no clothes at all, loving each other all over again until at last we realized the entire day was getting away from us! Douglas e’en helped me into a new blue frock with lace at the neck and the cuffs of the sleeves. He moved aside my heavy tresses to plant a lingering kiss on the curve of my neck and with a soft groan and a tug of the hand we made our way to the stairway to go back into the tavern in the floor below.

The dark stairs creaked with our bodies’ weight and Douglas’ boots clopped behind my own softer footfalls, as we cleared the first landing, I heard a familiar voice, and my heart almost stopped in my chest. As we got closer, the raucous laughter and bluster I was filled with fear. I reached back and pulled Douglas’ hand from the small of my back to ‘round my middle, so that I would be girded up, shored against what I knewe that we would face upon reaching the main pub itself.

As we stood in the doorway, I looked across the room and saw the tall lanky figure of Captain Hector Barbossa. His jaundiced eyes met mine and a slow smile crossed his face. They say that some creatures smell feare, and i’faith I knewe he must have smelled mine.

Hell had come calling.

I had Douglas’ arm wrapped around me as though it was a protecting shield. WHen we approached Barbossa and his grewe, I moved away from Douglas, if only for a moment.

“Just as pretty as I remember ya, Fanny Fae” Captain Barbossa said, ne’er one to lose an opportunity. He gave me a learing smile and kissed me full on the mouth, taking me aback. . Without a moment’s hesitation I broke off the kiss and reached and slapped him with all of my strength across the cheek. My hand instantly grew red and hot from the blow, but he was unmoved and only laughed at me, “And ye’re just as spirited as I rememeber, too! ”

The others around, including Blackthorne grinned, and I half expected Douglas himselfto get angry and go for Hector. Had we not been on land, perhaps he might have done so, for I know on land, a truce exists among those that would otherwise be enemies on the sea. Instead of rushing to my defense, Douglas instead he watched Barbossa and he especially watched me, guaging how things were based upon those things which were subtle, unspoken and to less of a trained ey, unseen. I knewe my eyes said plenty to both Douglas and Hector, e’en before I opened my mouth to speake.

“More spirit than you can handle, Hector,” I spat. I could now see my handprint flower on his grizzled cheek, but he was not about to let me know that my blow was little more than amusing. Certainly he was not intimidated by seeing me again. One could almost say he was rather amused by it all.

“My apologies, Miss Fanny, ” he slithered and oozed with all of the charm of Lucifer Himself, “My crew and I had heard the worst about ye. I had heard that the Church Fathers finally caught up to you and burned ye at the stake at last. I am pleased to know that nothing of the kind has befallen you.”

My face must have been bright red, for my body shook with such anger and I coulde feel the heat e’en into my ears!

“Somehow I think that must have been what you were hoping for, Barbossa!” I jerked my chin sharply upward.

“Fanny you wound me to my very heart,” he said with a mock pout, “Nothing of the kind! Let bygones be bygones,” he said, then he looked at Douglas and addressed him directly, “Dawg, any bad blood between us is now past as far as I am concerned, and we need to set aside our differences if we are to beat the Spanish and take the Blackship. What say ye to that?”

” What is wrong with the lot of ye?” Captain Morgan Adams interrupted, kicking back her chair, hand on her dagger ready to draw it as she bellowed at the assembly of men. E’en the man that she had descended the stairs with, no doubt having spent it in his arms took a step back at the lady Captain’s outburst. She was nary a hairsbredth from Hector Barbossa’s face when she hissed, “You keep yer filthy mitts offa the lady, Barbossa, or you and I will have a few words outside…”

” This tavern has an abundance of spirited ladies, eh Lads? ” Barbossa grinned when the men answered with resounding “Aye’s” from throughout the Flaming Boar.

’Spirit!’ I thought, ’If given a chance, Hector, we’d show ye and ev’ry manjack here the true meaning of a woman’s spirit! And the lot of you woulde not come out in one piece!’

” And pray tell who might you be lass? “ Hector continued. “If ye be a former mistress,” he patronizingly ran a long, calloused fingertip along her jawline, “then ye must forgive my lack of recognition, for there have been so many over the years!” he looked over his shoulder for a second to still more guffaws and ‘ayes’ from the men. I do believe that some were enjoying making sport of Captain Adams and myself.

Filled with anger, Morgan lunged forward grimacing like an avenging goddess, and I do believe she truly meant to draw her dagger on Hector! Quicker than most eyes could follow, Douglas reached out with a strong arm, wrapping it ‘round her waist, and pulled her gently but firmly aback. He then wisely took a step betwixt his niece and Barbossa, no doubt trying to diffuse the situation that was quickly becoming as volatile as dry gunpowder when set close to a torch. Douglas’ manner was calm as the sea, and I daresay was just as dangerous as a glassy surface upon the ocean.

“Ye must forgive my niece, Captain Barbossa,” Douglas said, ” the mix of youth and rum sometimes loosens a body’s tongue.” He made Captain Morgan Adams to sit back in her chair, “Ye see, Hector, to my detriment, I indulge my family as you can see,” he took a glance at both Morgan and then at me, “they sometimes run off at the gob when they should be sitting and listening, “ Morgan shot him a look and scowled, truly wanting to go back at the stroppy bastard pirate, “ Aye, I’m amenable to letting bygones be just that, bygones.”

Douglas got e’en closer to Hector. Closer e’er even than I had ever been, as if to make a point that as head of the family, he would protect us all from the likes of Barbossa and his crewe.

“But, I am a superstitious man,” Douglas said, “and if something should terrible should befall anyone in this tavern, such as the Governor catching wind of the men here who are wanted by the King, or a ship in this Armada raided by another, or even a bolt of lightning striking, then I shall come looking for you, Hector.” Within Douglas’ tone was a clear warning, “Other than that, I swear by the Christ Child and all the Saints and Angels of Heaven that I will not be the one to break the peace made here this day. Do we have an accord? ” Douglas extended his hand and waited, his eyes not blinking. The silence betwixt them was pregnant and all in the tavern watched expectantly.

Hector Barbossa’s mouth curled in a smug smirk. By the Goddess! I coulde not tell if he truly meant to accept Douglas’ accord as it was stated or not. But after a short moment, he gripped Douglas’ waiting hand and shook it, “Agreed!” Barbossa nearly purred.

As the swabs and crewe went off to their respective conversations, Douglas, Blackthorne, Barbossa and a few others talked of supplies, routes, and how much Spanish swag woulde be taken in the Japans. I eased from Douglas’ side with nary a notice from him and took a seat next to Captain Adams. A busty barmaid, seeing that the trouble in the establishment was naught but over, she brought us each tankards of rum. The Lady Captain jerked her head at Barbossa, “I take it you know that whoreson?” she asked.

“Aye,” I said, “that woulde be the very same Barbossa that was responsible for the separating of Douglas and myself. He is the only man who e’er tempted me to break my vows, draw my Wytch’s blade and plunge it straight into a human heart.”

“You mean he actually has one?” Morgan scoffed, not taking her eyes off of Barbossa, ignoring the loud carousing that was now resuming ‘round us.

“Not that ye’d notice, ” I shook my head, “and I had my chance.”

“Then ye should have done so. when ye had the chance.” she said, taking a long swig of her rum.

“Then I would have been hanged as a murderess and then burned as a Wytch.” I grinned.

Morgan looked at me and laughed, “Aye, perhaps, but that could be, Miss Fanny. But only if they were to catch ye first! ” She lifted her tankard and I lifted mine and in a toast we bumped them together and slammed down the sweet, dark liquid letting it warm us.

I was certain that she had heard of Captain Hector Barbossa, no doubt from her father, Harry Adams, Douglas’ brother. I felt a kinship for this niece of Douglas’. She was strong and fearless, and I saw much of what I loved about Douglas Francis O’Riely within her. I didn’t knowe her father Harry, though Douglas had mentioned him in front of me a few times. T’was a strange life I led, but I woulde ne’er replace such people in my life as friends and family, like Morgan, that I counted among my allies. I knowe, tis strange for a Wytch to imagine that she has allies, but what happened this day in Barbados, in a place called the Flaming Boar was ne’er my imagination. Twas as tangible as the rum that warmed my gut, and the dagger that I still fondled where it was strapped to my thigh through my skirts.

As Douglas came toward us, having just gone over details with Blackthorne with Barbossa closeby interjecting for the upcoming voyage ahead, I caught glimpse of Hector looking past Douglas and straight at me. A crooked smirk was still on his face. The look was one I knewe quite well, for it reassured me what I already felt in my heart: that nothing had really been settled yet between us, and that he meant to resume our little game of cat and mouse. Only this time, I knewe the stakes were much, much higher than e’er before.. The dreams both waking dreams and the nightmares were to become more profuse. I woulde need every bit of cunning that was within me, every bit of womany and Wytchly power that I coulde raise. I also knewe well that neither Douglas nor anyone else woulde totally understand what I woulde have to do. Maybe I woulde not e’en understand it my own self. One thing was for certain:

For this voyage to the Japans, and when we got there, our trials were about to begin.


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4 responses to “The Kind of Accords that Lucifer Grants

  1. I love it! Thank ye, Fanny Fae! =D

  2. Only this time, I knewe the stakes were much, much higher than e’er before…

    *low chuckle* Aye, dear Fanny, for my stake raises a great deal higher each time I look on ye, and make no mistake.

    Will ye not say you’ve missed me, then?

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