Typical Day

For the challenge at

“What would be a typical day for you?”

A typical day for me would be awakening before dawn, e’vn though I most likely have been up late the night before. This is especially true if there has been a Sabbat or Esbat. A Wytch’s work is never done. There are always things to be done in the wood where I live, herbs to gather, potions and philtres to prepare, and of course, spells to cast. All of this fills my day. Really, what is a Wytch other than a woman who does things that other women cannot or will not do. My day is much like any other woman’s. Cleaning, cooking, gardening and the like. The only difference is, that the whole of the village seems to seek me out, as well as the men upon sailing ships seeking to buy a charm to bring them a lost love, insure the fidelity of a current lover, or perhaps even to find a bit of treasure for themselves on their journeys. For this I am sometimes paid in coin, but more often times than not paid by barter.

How amusing that there are those who would want to barter with a Wytch!

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Historical Fiction (various projects in production)
Word count:193

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