A Holiday of My Own?

The Muse asks, “If you could invent a holiday, what and when would it be? What special traditions would take place on that day?”

I’faith, as a Wytch there are already so many holidays, New Moon, Full Moon, Sabbats, Esbats and the like. There is an abundance of them in my life. ‘Tis the celebration of life and living it to the fullest that is the grandest cause for celebration.

However, if I could make one of my own, it would have to be something in the early days of summer, not quite at the Summer Solstice. I would like to see much feasting, laughter and celebration of God and Goddess, Magic, Earth and those all- too-natural, ever-present lusts that every single living creature needs pay heed to. Clothing, if it need to be said, would be considered, “optional”. *nefarious smile* If I had my way, t’would be four solid days of revelry, song and of course, all means of pleasures of the flesh. But knowing how we Wytches host a revel, it ‘twould be another four days of recovery afterward!

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Historical Fiction (various projects in production)
Word count:157

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