You’re asking whom do I need to forgive? Oh, I assure you, I forgive and without hesitation absolutely everyone whose has ever wronged me. That is I do after they afford me the proper recompense or I may exact payment of my choosing and by my own hand. I doubt that those who met with my ire were so forgiving as I, am. This is especially true when I would watch their life seep from their bodies in an ever-widening pool of blood around them.

The methods of forgiveness have been wide and varied.

I certainly forgave Morgienne for the murder of my mother, even as I gave her a loving (albeit poisoned) cup at her bedside. Only moments after I watched her life ebb from her eyes, I declared myself High Lady of the Fortunate Island and ceded to myself all land and authority thereof. My forgiving nature was underscored as I watched her funeral pyre burn in the Temple courtyard, and at the very same moment her name was being stricken from all monuments and record bearing her name. Death a second time was no pain for her and certainly release for me. I forgave her completely as I consigned her soul to nothingness, and insured that in the Seven Realms of Existence, it would be as if she never had been. My frustration and hatred of the woman was at last expunged. This heavy weight removed, I felt lighter and freer.

I forgave Prince Itet his treachery against King Nuada and myself even as the Seelie Guards drug him away in chains and he spat his final curses at me. Why, I even blew a kiss in the direction of his head that hung prominently upon the city gates. It was so very hard for me to find enjoyment at the revel that followed that very evening. Such was the measure of my grief and sentiment. Poor Itet! Such a grievous end, alas.

No, I have no problem with forgiveness. None whatsoever.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 334
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2 responses to “Forgiveness…

  1. Well written. Nicely done.

  2. I can empathize with your feelings. I forgave the biker who tried to imprison me. But it was hard to forgive him for trashing the Harley.

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