Vintage Muses Prompt # 1 – “I don’t believe you.”

“You’ve brought me a gift, haven’t you?” Fergus asked me. His voice was matter of fact, rather than confrontational, “And of course you made sure that she is pliable for our purposes.”

“Of course,” I replied, hoping that he did not see through me to the lie I’d just told, “You can count on me, Fergus.”

The Fae are not the sort to discuss our plans, especially when we are at war. Not now, and definitely not with Fergus. I ignored his questions and let the silence hang between us. But it was clear that he was not going to let the matter drop.

“I don’t believe you, Faelyn,” he said simply, easing his back against the wall and taking a long swig of his ale, “Your reputation is growing for being less than tidy these days.”

“My tidiness is none of your affair, and i’faith, Fergus, I’m not quite sure why it is that I ne’er decided to kill you.” my fingers pulled at each button on my bodice, going downward as I talked to him.

“Because,” he quipped in his sharp brogue, “you’d be in love with me, and because I’m the best lay you ever had, even if I am a mere mortal. ”

I supressed my impulse to laugh aloud. “Ye do think highly of yourself don’t ye?”

“Aye, of course. That is why we are associates, isn’t it, Faelyn?”

“I suppose,” I smiled to him from across the table. ” When will you be arriving in Dunnlauden?” I let my garment fall from my body and ran a hand over my bare shoulder, shielding my breasts from his view.

The truth is he wasn’t the best lay I ever had and I was far from in love with him. Fergus was a means to an end and as soon as I was finished with him, he’d find out just why he should never have believed me. I hadn’t brought him a new doxie for his brothel, and it was time for him to be dispatched with all of the others. Even as I straddled his lap and he buried his face in my neck and his hands greedily consumed my flesh, the poisoned stilletto in the form of a hair ornament slipped from my dark hair, letting the curls spill over him like a dark curtain.

And if he had been a wise man, he would never have believed me about anything.

Especially not now.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 411


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3 responses to “Vintage Muses Prompt # 1 – “I don’t believe you.”

  1. I liked this. What is vintage muses?

    • click here to find out.

      If you click on the name you will be taken to the journal page itself. If you click on the community icon adjacent to the name on the left,you will be taken to the community information page.

      Hope this helps.

      The short verion of this long, uninspiring and redundently boring entry is that is a writing community.

  2. Thank you. As a muse myself, I don’t think I can participate without getting very confused. But I shall pass the information on to my editor who will no doubt be extremely interested.

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