Out of curiosity…

Why is it when you are what some might consider beautiful, that they often like to assume that you must at least be stupid as well? As if the gods could not be bothered to give you both intelligence as well as attractiveness! I find myself being talked down to on a regular basis. Then if by chance they do find out that you actually have wit and intelligence to match the package, they almost instantly become intimidated by it. Every moment that follows thereafter they spend trying to discern what your flaws are. I have seen some literally scrunch up their faces with determination while trying to ferret out what it might be that could be my Achilles’ heel.

I recently received a correspondence from a ruler of my acquaintance.

I am astonished that you have come to know how to read and write, Madame! Surely this is an unnatural state for a woman! Such things, in my experience, are unfit for women to know. Begging your pardon, I find it unbelievable that you do not have a male scribe to dictate your correspondence to! Surely your race and your people know that it is absurd to teach learning to women! Surely a woman as beautiful as yourself has no need to take upon herself such tasks that are ill suited to her. You, Madame, should beseech your greatest advisers to find you a suitable match who can alleviate such concerns from your brow. Certainly some women are quite able to handle the arduous duties of commerce and rulership, but if left unchecked without the guiding hand of a man, a woman will be left helpless and fall into the trap of mental imbecility. Your people do a grave disservice to you, Madame, if you are left to your own devices so tragically!

A woman’s attention should focus upon her appearance, with the closest attention to her garmenture and appropriate jewellery. She should be of good temperament and docility in order to be nothing but the greatest pleasure to her husband. Giving a woman over to learn those things which are the realms of men gives her to arrogance and self-conceit. Such are the consequences of filling a woman’s head with more than she can readily handle. It is by far the best institution of the Gods that most women should die upon the pyre with the bodies of their husbands, since they are mostly incapable of acting for themselves. These are wise regulations for any man to live by and women should feel protected by such considerations to her care!

I am unclear as to how I should react to such a ridiculous missive! I have ruled alone for many more years than this over bloated and certainly overdressed popinjay has been alive. If it were not so tragic it would be laughable. My only hope is to one day meet this man face to face and make his wives widows and with the right of conquest set them all free and leave his wealth to dispose of as they choose.

But what is true, it was not so very long ago that even the so-called modern world viewed women with such disdain.


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11 responses to “Out of curiosity…

  1. *shakes his head, amused*

    If a fellow believes any woman is of good temperament and docility all of the time, I got to say, the man is just plumb loco.

    • As minor a point as it may seem to me at the moment, Mr. Tanner, I find myself agreeing with you.

      • I figured you’d hear about me, eventually.

        Truth be known, my views on women are about as Neanderthal thinking as that fellow writing. Only difference between him and me is I keep my views to myself.

        • No doubt much like your father’s views, which not surprisingly are quite similar to your own.

          • Could be true. Excepting Daddy is quicker to tell what he thinks women are all about. Guess it all means is Daddy and I are a product of our times. I’d say, you’d be hard pressed to find any fellow who thinks differently.

  2. It is a thing of the times, My Dear. As a woman who is pretty albeit flighty, and a trademark of the Nineteenth Century, I think I know well enough that many men are set in the past, when the best thing a woman could be was indeed “a pretty little fool”.

    Times change though, and women evolve just as men do to fit their surroundings and I happen to think that a woman who is both intelligent and beautiful is a blessing.

    I would dismiss the man’s words, Fanny.

  3. I do not find this a surprise. Most men if they would tell the truth would say that a woman is nothing more than a maid, piece of ass or breeding tool.

    Just ignore the loser.

  4. Um, well, my usual answer to anything of the sort involves some not quite polite words, so I’m probably not who you should be asking.

    But I know how you feel. My new job, is intended for a man. It’s a male dominated career. And already we’re nervous about what’s going to happen to me. I can’t even really enjoy getting ready for it because we’re all worried about some loser who’s going to hit me with a chair.

    Don’t worry about it too much. Sadly, there’s always going to be someone who thinks like that.

    • You don’t have to relegate yourself to only polite words. You are free to speak your mind, of course.

      In my experience, a woman can do jobs that were previously only held by men. In fact, amoung my people, it is the men that are deemed inappropriate to rule without the guiding wisdom of a woman, because they are far too agressive and warlike.

      I will not worry about it. I know that such thoughts are the realm of men who are threatened by women.

      • They’re assigning me a bodyguard. And other fun things like that. It’s turning into a huge deal. And it’s all just a game.

        People are bewildering sometimes.

  5. Dear Lady Fae:

    I don’t think that the source of this man’s dismissive temperament is gender based at all. It is my experience that there is no limit to the envy that a pretty lady must bear. Of all of the stereotypes that exist in our age, it is the open and overt prejudice and discrimination against a lady of beauty that is by far the most insidious. You must understand, Ms. Fae, that most people do not think for themselves at all. Their minds are limited to a dozen or so stereotypes, which leave no space to comprehend the complexities that a lady with your charms and intelligence possess. In their cramped minds, you *must* be dim witted because our Creator could not have given you both the gift of outward beauty and inward introspection. But I fear not for you, my lady. For I sense, from your previous letters to your journal, that you are a creature of intelligence and wisdom who has the fortitude and constitution to endure thick minded idiots such as the syphilis-corrupted ruler who so rudely addressed you.

    Forever your humble servant,

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