Tell the truth about something you usually lie about

have often said that for the Fae, lying is an anathema. Make no mistake. Anyone with the slightest bit of Fae blood running in their veins, whether it is Seelie or Unseelie, is capable of weaving truths so thin that they may as well be lies. I try never to lie, but then I am not wholly Fae. I carry human blood in my veins as well. Humans are by their very nature creatures of dishonesty and deceit. They cannot help it, really. If they do not lie outright, then they lie by omission. Perhaps that is where I have often fallen down on that particular issue.. Those lies that I tell by simply not saying anything at all are the ones that ultimately stand between myself and the Truth.

I have faced this dilemma more than once. It was the voice of one of my most trusted advisors, who is at times far wiser at the art of being a Prince than I, that reminded me that to withhold information is not a ‘sin’. He went on to say that it is always necessary for diplomats to put their best foot forward and put their country or even themselves in the brightest possible light.

The truth is, that a Sovereign, a Prince, is nothing without those whom he or she rules. Certainly I believe that the merciful are oft taken advantage of. But again, the voice of reason reminds me gently that occasional acts of mercy can do well to endear you to the populace. And no matter what is said about the divine right of kings and queens; the country is created by the backs, and sweat and blood of the ones they rule over.

That is a truth that I will keep close to my heart but not repeat it too often, lest someone possibly think me less of a force to be reckoned with.

Muse: Fanny Fae
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 318
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Muse and Mun would like to give a special thanks to all_forme for the inspiration. 🙂


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12 responses to “Tell the truth about something you usually lie about

  1. (quirks an eyebrow* Interesting. This advisor of yours, sounds like a rather astute fellow.

    • *Faelyn gives Rochefort a gentle smile* Yes, he is rather. nd although I always keep my own counsel on everthing, especially matters of State, I do know that I have come to value his insight and observations.

      Truly, I could expect no less from a man who has read Machiavelli, Sun Tsu, Musashi, and many others – as well as being quite a formidible chess player in his own right.

      • *dismissively, with a shrug of the shoulder* Ah, a man of books and learning then. Most likely some pasty-faced librarian with the scrunched looks of a weasel. One who has spent too much time by light of the candles and not enough time in the light of the sun, or the moon.

        • Oh, on the contrary. He has spent a great deal of time in the sun and especially under the moon. Though he is well learned, I also consider him to be my champion.

          But then, he is too modest, and would probably disagree with me heartily if he were to know I held such sentiment about him.

          • Modesty? Modesty is for the humbled or the dead. Does he not even know his own worth, this ‘champion’ of yours lady? *he lifts a lip in a soft smirk*

            Hmm, a reader of the scrolls of deadmen that spends too much time under the moon. Sounds like a hapless romantic, and not at all the type to champion a queen.

            • I would tend to agree with you. Humility is far overrated. He has some inkling of his worth, I think. But every once in a while he discreetly bows out and disappears into the shadows. I dont know that it is modesty or humility or neither.

              I am finding myself wondering if he is in fact a romantic. Can you suggest a way I might test him to find out for certain?

            • Were he a man of intelligence, he’d bow out to the shadows simply as a way to put into action all the good those scrolls did for him. Were he truly the intelligent sort.

              And as to romance, pardon’s my lady, but you are asking me this? I’ve not a romantic bone in my body, Faelyn. You have the wrong man.

              *taps his chin* However… this advisor of yours. Should you wish to learn of his romantic streak, perhaps by looking in his bookcases to see if, among his books of war there are poems and prose relating to the more peaceful pursuits? If so, have him read those to you as well. You should tell right then if he is inspired, or impassioned by the words he reads and the way it makes him feel. And then too, there is his use of terms in regards to your ladyship’s name and title. Or perhaps if he should choose to give you a flower.. And is he always formal, even when speaking alone in your presence or.. bah. I’m no Romeo to know these things.

              My lady, I choose action over words. Grace willing, he would show you his romantic side, as I cannot help you in testing for it.

            • I suspect he may be intelligent in such a way. He is too wise, I think, to allow me to observe him too closely on such matters. I do know that my every whim is granted, somehow even before I speak of it, so I have no cause for complaint….at least not yet.

              You’re probably right. A hardened warrior such as yourself would know llittle of romance. I just happened to ask on the off chance…..

              He tends to guage the situation when he speaks to me. Terms of endearment are carefully hidden within turns of phrase or etiphets when referring to me. I have noticed a book of prose among his books and sometimes I have espied him bits of poetry in private moments. Of course, it is not mine to pry into his private affairs. He is not always formal but he is usually fascinating.

              We have come close to him shewing his romantic side, but alas, things always seem to interrupt. *appearing thoughtful* What to do? What to do?

            • Or indeed, he may well – were he the sort to actually care – believe that perhaps it is best for the reigning monarch not to know, and therefore be able to state her position and innocence in all honesty and with conviction.

              Indeed, madame. For have you heard me spout out sonnets or anything of the sort? I think not.

              *stares* You are queen, Madame. Simply make the interruptions go away. Or not allow interference. Or allow your adviser to deal with the interruptions for you.

            • I hadn’t really considered that. Interesting notion. But I am sure he realizes that as monarch I have no need to cry or claim innocence.

              No, no! Of course I haven’t! Perish the thought you would start an impromptu recitation of Shakespeare, for example! If such odd behaviour were to happen, I think I would be quite frankly mortified and wondering if someone had tried to poison you! Please promise me, your Grace, that if anything so horrific were to happen that you would make certain I am informed at once!

              Unfortunately, it is because I am queen that the interruptions do occur. Certainly, my advisor deals with these irritations. But you are quite right. I suppose I will have to call a private meeting with my advisor and order that we are undisturbed for any reason. Given the nature of the discussion I really think that any distractions outside of the matters at hand would be most ill-advised.

            • You may have no need for such things, but at certain time there may be wisdom in the ability to be able to proclaim it. *cold smile*

              *dryly, eyebrow arching* Believe me, Majesty. You would be among the first to know.

              Hmmph. He is no advisor true then, for he would have handled these interruptions alreay in a spat of bloodshed and screams, letting all know that it was wisest not to interrupt his queen. Were I such a man, I would do such. However.. mayhap he wishes it to be attempted with perhaps a modicum of decorum for a change. Or perhaps the cemetary is already full. No matter, that.

              I know not the man, nor the circumstances. Perhaps it is best, oui?

            • *locked to Rochefort*

              A good monarch can fein innocence just as easily, but a sovereign that does not know even the smallest details of one’s kingdom is no ruler at all, but rather a puppet. I am not that – nor do I plan to be one at any time in the future.

              *soft laugh* He already does that, your Grace. And to be sure, the cemetary is already full with the bodies of transgressors of those whom have displeased me, or he has deemed would most likely displease me on some count or another. He does his job very well.

              It does not matter that you do not know him, your Grace. I doknow him and though he may not be perfect on every count, he is valuable to me.

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