Topic # 160 – What song best describes your life?

ver the course of time there have been many songs that have I could have applied to my life. Surely there has been much music since I was born . It wasn’t until recently that I had heard a song on the radio that probably more than any other encompassed my life, with all of the love and frustrations, the failures and the triumphs, too. When one is effectively an immortal you tend to look at things just a bit differently.

I choose to be his confidant
And to keep him from the fire
I choose to be quietly discreet
If that is his desire
I touch with gossamer wings
To be quiet around you
There is so much going on
You could easily

Wake up with a stranger
It’s not something you plan
One night in a world of pain
And you finally understand
Not all the king’s horses, not all the king’s men
Could put it back together

I have often been the quiet discretion behind those in my life. Whether it was my foster mother, a confidante, a paramour or even a spouse, there is much to be said about the quiet unspoken power that is hidden. But the world and situations turn, and if you are not paying attention, a shift in perception, a folding of reality can render all that you thought was familiar into something completely foreign. And try as you might, you will never align the combination of events to a place where everything is just so. The foothold you once thought you had is now gone and you are left staring back at the abyss.

You say you wouldn’t do this for very long
The applause from it all is so defining
Well it bounces off the wall at you
When the miracle is happening
High Priestess…she’s the keeper of the peace in this
Twice as much, intensified
What people will do
To get…this…high

There is something about being within the epicentre of Power, that in all the Seven Realms of Existence, brings you to such highs that it can drive some to utter madness. It is an aphrodisiac, a drug, an addiction to those who have tasted of it’s fruits. And to learn to temper its use, takes practice and skill. True power does not only come from forcing others to conform to your Will by demand or coercion. True power comes from learning when not to wield your weapon, or influence and let things occur naturally. How many times, in my function as High Lady of the Fortunate Isle, as Priestess, as Conjurer, as Dignitary, as Woman have I had to be the keeper of the peace and step back?It has been many more times than I can recount; but all of that is of no consequence, really. When one perceives all seven realms as we of the Sidhe do, things become less dire. The cycle of life continues and unlike human mortals we have less of an imperative that is based on time factors alone.

And now alone in my room
As it all begins again
Was I so wrong
Why am I always so intense
In this same place I sit
The same place as before
Well I came all the way here
Just to watch you walk out that door

I have watched loved ones in my life come and go. The cycle is always present no matter what I or anyone else does. Even with those who are, like me, considered immortal, there is an intensity that the Sidhe have that humans do not often share. You can want so desperately for them to understand what it is that you feel, you wish to show them first hand and yet, they still end up rotating back out of your life and into the cycle once again.

I didn’t ask when you shook your head
I always accepted what you said
As the truth and the truth only
Well it’s not enough that you depend on me
And it’s not enough that you say you love me
It’s not enough to just save face
Because sometimes
You just fall from grace
You just fall from grace

I think sometimes think that because of the value that the Fae place upon the truth, even if it be a truth that is as thin as the morning mist, that we forget that not all others in the world place the same value upon it. Love and true caring is so much more than just clinging to another, or the possession of another through vows or commonly shared affections. It is the willingness to lay all upon the line for the other. And even when two people, though the love each other dearly try as they might they cannot make things work. I have found few where there has been such solace. There is no need for posturing, no need to save face or simply say ” I love you”, because they are expected or simply the proper thing to say. Interestingly, I have found it is the ones who say those three words the least – or not at all, are the ones who know at the very deepest levels what fidelity and loyalty and “love” truly mean.

Maybe I am calmer now
Maybe things are fine
Maybe I made the whole thing up
Maybe it isn’t a lie
Maybe the reason I say these things
Is to bring you back alive
Maybe I fought this long and this hard
Just to make sure you survive

Those who have my friendship, affection and regard have that for the rest of their lives and beyond. I have made few exceptions to that rule. If you earn that, there is nothing I wouldn’t do. I would fight to the death for those things and those people that I believe in.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn &copy Ma’at Publishing
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 694 (without lyrics)

****Lyrics of “Fall from Grace” by Stevie Nicks
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14 responses to “Topic # 160 – What song best describes your life?

  1. You seem to have quite an interest in the Fae, Frances. I’m curious as to why that is.

    You said that you were the quiet discretion, was that your choice? It’s seldom that I find those who let others shine more bright than themselves of their own accord.

    • Frances draws a long careful breath and looks at Gil. Carefully weighing her words. “My fascination with the Fae, you could say is a very personal as well as a cultural one. I am Scottish, after all. The Fae are really present throughout most cultures around the world, though they are called by many different names.”

      “As for my discretion,” she smiles gently, “I don’t have to shine all the time. I know what it is to be the ‘power behind the throne’, as well as the one who weilds influence. I find a great deal of pleasure in letting others shine.”

      “And what about you, Gil? You seem to shun the spotlight on your own and yet you are so much a bright light on your own.”

      • Gil shrugs lightly, his head tilting thoughtfully to the side. “I suppose I simply never looked at what I do as a career enabler. But as the answer to questions that need them… closure to those who need it. I severely dislike unanswered questions.”

        “I can see that I will have to brush up my knowlege on the Fae if I am to ever have a conversation with you about them. I don’t want to bore you with talk of entomology on a constant basis.” He pauses and then smirks.

        “I see a lilly on thy brow, / With anguish moist and fever dew; / And on thy cheek a fading rose / Fast withereth too. I met a lady in the meads / Full beautiful, a faery’s child; / Her hair was long, her foot was light, / And her eyes were wild.”

        “And this is the extent of my fae knowlege. John Keats.”

        • Frances shakes her head slightly, “I wasn’t implying you were a career enabler. However, what I have observed of you is that you tend to let people bring out their gifts. Look at your team. You give them responsibilities and they rise to the occassion. Sometimes they shine, other times they fall, but you allow them that freedom. That isn’t enabling in my book; that’s empowering. It says alot about your character, Gil.”

          “If you want to know about them, I have alot of books I can suggest, or my own…..’research’ that may give you some more ideas. And you don’t bore me with entymology. I hope that I don’t bore you with botony and pharmacognosy!” she grins up at him.

          Those wast that all to me, love,
          For which my soul did pine –
          A green isle in the sea, love,
          A fountain and a shrine
          All wreathes with fairy fruits and flowers,
          And all the flowers were mine.”

          “And all my days are trances
          And all my nightly dreams
          Are where thy gray eye glances,
          And where thy footstep gleams –
          In what ethereal dances,
          By what eternal streams.” And that is probably my favourite passage of Edgar Allan Poe that is outside of the norm, which usually stops at the Raven and the Telltale Heart.”

          • Gil bows his head, a ghost of a smile playing at his lips. “I’ve also met very few people who can quote from heart. I’m impressed, Frances. And possibly humbled.”

            He nods slighly and looks back up to meet her gaze. “I’m fairly sure that nothing about either subject, including yourself could bore me. A psychological impossibility.”

            • Frances cocks her head slightly and smiles gently. ” If you don’t speak or even live from the heart, then what is left? But I do thank you for the compliment, Gil. Why would that humble you? I was always under the impression that you were already were a humble man.”

              “A psychological impossibility?” her eyebrow quirks upward, “that sounds very much like a challenge. Although, I am fairly certain I wouldn’t like to prove you wrong.” *smile*

            • “Perhaps humbled is the incorrect word. I am that, but perhaps…” Gil presses his lips together in thought for a moment. “Something that seldom happens, you surprise me. Most times I don’t think that surprising me is possible anymore.”

              He bows his head for only a second and lifts a corner of his lips in a half grin. “I would prefer you didn’t also.”

            • “Hmm…is your not often being surprised something that science does to you, or is that some sort of personality quirk?” Frances gives him a playful grin. “To be completely truthful you do surprise me as well. Even though most men seem to equate who they are with their work, few have the passion for what they do that you seem to. It’s also a surprise that you actualy do read more than just trade journals. From Shakespeare to Sushi, and from Keats to obscure historical references.” She pauses looking amazed for a moment and then shakes her head, “It isn’t often that I get to spend time talking to someone with such a wide and varied field of interests.”

            • “Oh Frances… I used to study humankind for a living. I got bored among other things.” Gil said, his head bowing and lids closing over his eyes. “Now I mostly stick to the insects. They don’t lie and continuously evolve and adapt.”

              “As far as interests, I like to continously learn. As with the bugs, if we don’t use what we have, we cease to exist to our full potential.”

            • “And you still study humankind as a part of what you do – albiet maybe indirectly.” Frances’ smile fades and she gets a somber look, “Yes, humans do lie, but some people don’t lie well at all.”

              “Everything evolves, Gil. Those who are in touch with who they are and what they want – they continue to grow and evolve. Like the insects do – and the plants do, too, for example.”

            • “You’re right. I suppose I should say that humans are the least successful at evolving and adapting to change around them. Many of the crimes I solve are the result of human failure to make choices and adapt to change.” Gil explained, eyeing Frances for a moment.

              “Is the offer really an offer to go to this conference with you? Or am I being too hopeful?”

            • Frances nods, looking down for a moment and back up at him, a slow smile crosses her features, “Aye, it is. That is if you want to go. I suppose we should sit down and talk about this seriously. That is if you are at all inclined to go.”

  2. ooc

    Beautiful! And what an excellent song choice for Fanny. I had to go download it after reading!

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