Borrowed from derek_bliss

Ask me (or the mun) about each or any combination of the following

1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. LiveJournal
7. Porn
8. The Future

No matter how risque’, no matter how personal or without tact the question is, the muse or mun will answer. Also, please specify if this is ICly known, and any conditions on the knowledge requested. This is important as it will effect how the question(s) are answered.


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6 responses to “Borrowed from derek_bliss

  1. IC for Fanny

    1. Do you find that your closest friends are predominantly men or women? By ‘closest friends’ I do not mean those who are necessarily most faithful, or even trusted by you… merely those whose company you enjoy for its own sake.

    2. What is the most peculiar place you have ever made love? I fear this one will ring cliche, but humor a royal whose deepest intrigues were still largely confined to chamber rooms and war tents. *she grins in a way that suggests this is perhaps not entirely true*

    3. What is your favorite music to dance to?

    • *Locked to bella_louve*

      1. Most of the company I keep is admittedly male. I think that I must intimdate a great many women. I confess, I have no patience for embroidery, nor the useless prattle of our sex. Certainly there is a great deal of talk about women being the most deadly of the species- but do they truly own their own bloody predilictions? Men are unafraid to speak of such things. You, my dear friend, are one of the few exceptions to the rule. I do very much enjoy your company, and besides, you play chess very well and are not afraid of who and what you are.

      2. The most peculiar place I have ever made love? On the captain’s chart table on board his ship in his quarters. I am afraid that I am far less risque than you might think. But are you talking with a man…..or with a woman, Isabella? If the latter rather than the former, then I think that you alone know the answer to that question. *wry smile*

      3. To be honest, I was raised with the idea that Sidhe or Courtly women do not engage in the ‘common’ activity. Over time and in my travels, however, especially in the East, I learned that the dances of the desert, particularly in India and Egypt, the dances are quite sensual. It gives an awareness of the body and its muscles and of control that translates not only into the aspect of dance but in other, more private and sensual aspects as well. If the music is fast, and has a very good solid beat to it, or it builds up to a frenetic pace, I like that best of all. Some of that which my daughter calls ‘trance’, reminds me of what was played in the East. I tend to like that best.

      Isabella, you and I need to catch up again.


  2. Numbers 2, 4, 5, and 7 por favor?

    Oh shit, I need to phrase it in the form of a question Mister Trebek?

    okay then,

    What is your favorite sexual position, what kind of drugs make you wanta melt right outa your lucious skin, what IS love actually and do you believe in it, and do you think as I do that porn is what really makes the world go round?

    ((pant pant))

    Licking the slow bottle,


    • Was that a question for me to answer or my mun? *nefarious smile* We can both answer if you like? I’ve heard about you from my mun. I must say, I can definitely see why she likes you.

    • *locked*

      I’ll answer you first and then the mun will answer you after. Fair enough?

      2. Sex – favourite sexual position? I would have to say that depends upon a number of factors. I like variety and so many of them are wonderful. But you want me to answer rather than to redirect your question, don’t you? I simply like sex, so you could say that I like them all. The one I find myself most reliant on is my legs wrapped around his hips, arms around him and against the wall or in a doorframe. Something about that is hot, urgent and so very primal. In my book, that’s good….its very good.

      4. Drugs – What ethongen melts me out of my skin? There is a mixture that is proprietary, it has elements of cocaine and khat, a little bit of the elements of the lotus in it. Let us say that this particular entheogen / ethnogen is used to facilitate an experience in ritual. More often times than not that ritual is a sexual one. It’s warm and wonderful, and there is a point where the euphoria for this drug goes up and down the spine and then throughout the rest of the body. It lasts probably at least 12 hours or more, so having to ingest too much because you didn’t quite make it through foreplay before the effects wore off is extremely rare. I like it very much. I have only ever indulged in it twice, however. And no, I do not kiss and tell – especially not with that.

      5. Love – “Who are those we love? Only those whom we do not hate.” – George Bernard Shaw, ‘Caesar & Cleopatra’. Love has been both a boon and a grave disappointment, Sheldon. (She does call you that doesn’t she?) Those whom I have let in far enough to “fall in love with” have either been killed, betrayed me, or disappointed me greatly. I have one friend, a warlord, who insists that he neither has the time and inclination nor the ability to love. However, I do feel after five hundred years, we agree that there is some affection between us. I don’t believe it is ‘love’ as much as it is mutual respect and one valuing the other. I say there is a difference because there is such a fine line between love and hate. How quickly two people who loved each other can quickly turn their hearts in anger, jealousy and malice when just moments before they insisted to all who would listen that they were so-very-much-in-love. There are those who are so skilled with in the embroidery with words that they can almost convince you that their sentiment is one of love, when all the while their seduction was meant to be nothing more than a ruse.

      Do I still believe in love? Yes. I do. I don’t know, however, that I will ever have it as my own. I don’t know that my life depends upon it. Being who and what I am, I cannot let my life hinge upon that emotion, or be so wrapped up in another that I forget who and what I am. Love is itself a potential danger that must be weighed very carefully before any serious consideration.

      7. Porn – I prefer the term ‘erotica’. But if you want to know do I indulge in porn? Yes. I have and do. It isn’t the end all be all for me. I do prefer living it rather than watching it, however.

      So, Sheldon….what are you drinking these days?

    • I plead the Fifth. I say that because, my beloved chaos agent, you already know the answer to all of these questions, and a myriad more that you have not bothered to ask! 😉

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