#202 The Game of Life

If life is a game, who do you think is winning?

I Am, of course.

I make no apologies for doing what I have done in my life to get the upper hand. Power is the game in life whereby you can win or lose. Is your life an endless fear of losing it? Pity.

Oh, yes. There are those that will dribble out of both sides of their face as about how life is ever-so-serious, how people are dying, tragedies are happening. I have a clue for those who like to wallow in those morose details.

That’s life. Deal with it.

No one is going to mollycoddle you or hold your hand through this game – or serious business if you like – of life. No one owes you happiness or a living simply because you exist. Mankind, Fae-kind, no kind has evolved past the very basic truth that life, death, even birth itself is a bloody, violent process. You will be getting your hands dirty. If you want to go through it all neat and pristine, then you’re going to have to step up your own personal grooming habits, because sooner or later you will, at some point, have to choose between who lives and who dies. And when that day comes I can guarantee you that when facing down that particular choice, the interests of self preservation will come rushing the fore. What will you do? Will you continue in the game, or will it simply be a case of ‘Game Over’ for you?

Yes…I thought so.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 251
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4 responses to “#202 The Game of Life

  1. Thank you! The muse had fun with that. 🙂

  2. *just smiles*

    (OOC: He has nothing to say, except that he, unsurprisingly, couldn’t agree more. )

    • *gives him a very self-assured smile back*

      OOC: Oh, I know. Of all the people in the world, these two understand each other implicitly. Wow..what a surprise! 😉 BTW, need to talk plottage with you. Email coming your way.)

  3. For being true to the character’s rich history and voice…

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