Write about something you lost.

Why? So that that the knowledge of such might be used against me? What loss would you like me to speak of? The loss of my mother? I was four and I am barely able to remember her face now. I was told by my Uncle Angus, that I resembled her greatly. Do you wish to hear about the loss of my virginity? It was part of a ritual, my Initiation. I’ve already spoken of that. The loss of my firstborn daughter? I gave her up to save both of our lives. These were not losses. Things like these are merely life’s challenges and inconveniences that test our mettle and shape us into who we are.

Perhaps the most incredible loss to me was the loss of my husband, Sebastien. He was more than my spouse. He started out as an enemy, evolved into a friend and later became the love of my life. His death marked a beginning for me. It was the beginning of a four hundred year long obsession to find a way to cheat death. There are those who have asked if my singular focus on this one man was a bit too devoted. While it is true that I lost my husband, my lover, and yes, he was the truest friend and ally I could have ever had, what they do not realize is that we were wed by the soul, he and I. From this rite, particularly for the Fae, there is no return. I would have waited lifetimes for him to reincarnate, but somehow, that was not enough. I could not, would not wait for what that entailed. I wanted my Sebastien. I wanted him as the arrogant, aristocratic, ruthless, one-eyed bastard that I had married and no other.

Without him I had lost my perspective and my temperance. More often times than not, I had lost my patience with the world at large and showed it no mercy until it at last gave up what it was that I wanted. In the end it did, but not before I had lost a good deal more in the process.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 357
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