ROTM – 1.91.2

Have you ever made someone worship you, adore you or believe you were the center of the universe? How did you do it, and why?

Of course I have. I do it constantly. Becoming the object of worship and adoration is really not all that difficult. You either have the skillset necessary to being either of these things, or you don’t. ‘How’ is just a question of who the audience is, what they want and my giving them some notion that they might actually be able to attain it through me. Whether they actually do or not depends greatly upon my inclination, my affections and my mood.

‘Why’, you ask?

Why not? Or better still – Why wouldn’t I?

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Charcater / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count:94
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7 responses to “ROTM – 1.91.2

  1. I applaud your succinct answer regarding the concept of worship, madam. It really is that simple, whether on a large or small scale.

    • Why, thank you. *wry smile* I find with questions like this one, so many struggle with them so needlessly.

      OOC: Heh…please excuse my very arrogant and extremely imperious muse. 😉

      • Then it is a good thing that they have so many different questions and topics in which to choose from. We wouldn’t want them to tax themselves. *a stoic but with a hint of a slightly amused expression underneath*

        Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marius Sulla.

        ooc – no worries, he was fed imperious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, when raised under the Julii household as Octavian’s servant.

        • That would be assuming, of course, that most of them – or even a good number of them actually have more than two active braincells to rub together to keep warm. *smirks*

          A pleasure, Marius Sulla. I am Frances de Rochefort.

          OOC: Yes, I was noticing your command of the Graeco Roman period in Egypt and the little bit leading up to the battle of Actium with Cleopatra and Antony vs. Octavian, etc. Very nice.

          • Hope does spring eternal. I tend to leave them be and seek my own level when circumstances allow.

            Likewise. Do you prefer Frances or Mrs de Rochefort?

            ooc Thank you!. Though I am sure errors will happen, I do try to to take the facts seriously, even if I am stretching it into my own fictional fun.

            • Well, it is very good to find someone else around here who happens to understand their own true worth. Bravo, Sir.

              I prefer Frances, thank you for asking. I will answer to Mme. de Rochefort – but even though I tend to be more formal than not, the latter almost errs on the side of pretention.

              OOC: Hey, as I have explained to other historically-inclined muns, sometimes errors will happen, but even the best researchers suffer from that. I am always glad to make the acquaintence of someone else who incorporates history into their writing. 🙂

            • Thank you, I would be a poor immortal should I not know that much about myself.

              Frances it is then. *another stoic smile*

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