TBS 1.92 – Mun Prompt:

Now I say that with certain caveats. Fanny / Faelyn is very happily married to the Comte de Rochefort, all_forme, in fact, bringing him back from the dead was her obsession for well over 400 years. She could have given up in that time and just said, “yeah, I want to rule the world with Hsu”, but she didn’t. Hsu! mun and I have talked this over endless times, and Hsu and Fanny have a very strong, friend-with-benefits package deal going on and everyone in the equation and everyone is fine with that arrangement.

I do know that she has always viewed him as her equal – indeed, if anyone had to rule the world, she would be fine with Hsu ruling it – and she would do her damnedest to make sure she was somewhere in that equation. It isn’t that she wants to rule the whole world herself, but at her core, I think it is because she never wants anything outside of something she can control to rule her – not even death. Her fascination is with Power (always with a capital “P”). She studies it, respects it, understands it. She knows that few people in the world truly understand it as she understands it – except someone like Hsu Danmei. To her, the only person (other than herself, of Course) who epitomizes what it is to actually BE Power, is Hsu Danmei. The two of them have been friends for most of Fanny’s life, and this is over half a millennium. If she could goad anyone to taking the biggest prize of all – it would be Hsu. And she knows how to handle him. That isn’t to say that she would try to weedle and manipulate. When I say that I mean that she knows how to read his moods, what to say to him when, and when not to say anything at all. And he knows that she knows. I think that this is maybe at the cornerstone of why they respect each other so much.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 336


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2 responses to “TBS 1.92 – Mun Prompt:

  1. OOC

    What can I say, that I haven’t already said before? *g* From my muse’s pov, you’ve captured exactly what it is to have that Power, to want it. And yes, she does know how to handle him, and he actually appreciates that, even if he may growl at her anyway.

    And He says that if he had to share ruling with anyone, it would be Frances…if he were the sharing type.

    • Re: OOC

      Hehe..even when he growls at her, she knows that there is still affection there…even though he will NEVER say anything to concede to that.

      Who says Frances would even *ask* for him to share? She would just take what she wanted and know that he’d simply let her. 😉 He would pretend not to notice and she simply would not gloat about it. *g*

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