Meme from a_roman_w_power

1. Leave me a comment saying anything random, like your favorite lyric to your current favorite song. Or your favorite kind of sandwich. Something random. Whatever you like.
2. I respond by asking you five personal questions so I can get to know you better.
3. You update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
4. Include this explanation and offer to ask someone else in the post.
5. When others comment asking to be asked, you ask them five questions.

You really should try Sidhe mead sometime. I am sure we can arrange such an indulgence. Do bear in mind, however, it can make some tend to…..lose track of time.

1. What wouldn’t you do for your people? – Perhaps the best answer would be what wouldn’t I do for them? I usurped a throne, sent my newborn daughter into exile to save her life (and mine) and murdered my foster mother. I waged war, and fought along side them to keep the Island free.

2. Would your pride prevent you from receiving help from friends? – No. I have received help from friends before. Another Immortal of our acquaintence has lent me his aid – as I have loaned him mine in times of trouble. Allies, true allies, that is are few. My friendships when formed, tend to be lasting ones. Those that aren’t loyal to that are of no use to me.

3. What holiday must you absolutely celebrate, no matter how long it has been since the world around us has celebrated it? – *smirks* The Beltane Fires, for many, many reasons. Among them being that this was the day of my Ascension, the anniversary of my marriage to my Prince Consort, and the fact that it is such a very important celebration for we Fae all around.

4. Have you ever sent a good man to his death? And by that, I mean have you sent any on a mission, knowing that they would die, even if they were not aware of this? – I have sent many a good man to his death, Marius. One of the blessings or curses that some of us have is the Sight. Sometimes, though surely not all of the time, I can look at someone and know that they bear the mark of death. Especially during the Fae wars, I sent men into battle against Prince Itet, knowing that they would not return amongst the living. It did not fill me with regret or sadness. It is a necessary thing for which we all come to terms.

5. Favorite meal? – That really depends upon my mood. I do like Indian and Thai food very much. My favourite is Saag paneer over rice with garlic nahn and raita. Of course, that is not to say I do not enjoy a good seven course Sidhe feast. I am always in the mood to try new things.


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31 responses to “Meme from a_roman_w_power

  1. *locked*

    1. As exactly I would expect high nobility to reply. It’s rare today even with royalty, to not think of one’s self, first.

    2. Definitely food for thought.

    3.I can’t say as I miss the Bacchanalia completely, as it was far too public a venue back in my era. But it was one celebration that held no shame when the lights came back up, as they say. Still, what I miss and abhor most, was Saturnalia. Not the reasons behind it, but the breakdown between that of the master and slave or servant. Quite unnerving. And a tale in and of itself.

    4.I have not had many time, where I was in the commanding position of an army, but I do know the sorrow you speak of in dealing out death sentences to the undeserving.

    5.Sounds delicious.

    I will gladly give that a try this mead at your convenience, as time is all I have.

    • Re: *locked*

      1. It was for them that I did what I did. I since have come to appreciate all forms and the accoutrements of Power.

      2. I would love to hear your thoughts, Marius. *grins*

      3. If you like rites that have no shame, perhaps you really should be indulged in some of ours. The Sidhe have that quality about our entire culture. We, the Unseelie especially. Everyone has a place in the scheme of things.

      4. You surprise me with that response. *inquisitive look*

      5. It is.

      *slow smile* The Gods should not tempt souls like ours so, Marius. No doubt we shall take that indulgence….soon.

      • Re: *locked*

        2. I fear most who say they are loyal, really are not. As in liars who profess their honesty. I feel it would be wiser of me for you to judge for yourself whether or not I am trustworthy.

        3. It would be an honor.

        4. I have the heart of a foot soldier, no matter how intelligent I may be. A commander/general in most instances cannot just go out into the fray. Yes, I have led a legion or two, but it was a rarity that I indulged. My forms of leadership tend to be more in the realms of running corporations. That isn’t to say that I wouldn’t step up to the plate if needed.

        I shall look forward to it, Frances.

        • Re: *locked*

          2. Truly, that is one of the Laws of Power. Those who tout their honesty and trustworthiness are usually not to either thing. I assure you I shall make up my own mind on the matter – as I would expect you to do the same, Sir.

          3. You are right. It would be, and one I do not extend lightly. *smirks* But, for whatever reason I think you could appreciate the Unseelie way of doing things.

          4. At least you have seen how both sides live…and die. That is also a rarity. One that translates very well in business, I would think.

          Whenever you like. *small, almost imperceptible smile*

          • Re: *locked*

            2. Indeed.

            3. All I ask is you hear me out in regards to my part in the Roman expansion in regards to druids and such. Then make your decision.

            4. I have, at that and I suppose it does.

            I am at your disposal in that regards.
            – meaning whenever you have time.

            • Re: *locked*

              3. You may speak of it of course. However, as far as I know, no Roman never set foot on my Island, so the point is moot. But I will of course, hear you out.

              4. I find that an admirable thing, personally.

              I do believe the word has been given.

              – I will most likely do so fairly soon here. It’s been a strange couple of days. Thanks to you and your muse for distracting me and mine. 😉

            • Re: *locked*

              3. I would say that over the years, I have been responsible for following command and taking the heads and or torturing druids responsible for getting in the way of the republic/empire. When I say getting in the way, I mean more of their breaking an oath after swearing fealty than just random assassinations and torture at their request – though that too, did happen. I say this not as an apology, but as truth that I did these things and with the same options handed to me, I would do so again.

              4. I find that oddly comforting.


              — Welcome and no worries. It’s been hectic here too – I often work where I live – so I have access to the net. as for the questions for him. Will think on them and answer tomorrow unless I get all worked up again and go on a writing spree.

            • Re: *locked*

              3. Where I come from, Marius – if someone swears an oath, especially one of obedience and/or fealty and breaks it, they are considered ‘foresworn’. That means that they are far, far beneath just deserving to die. That means that their life is forfeit – and that they are lower than the dust. It unmakes all that they are, and they are in that moment, worthless to anyone, including themselves. (Technically, by association, so are those of their families.) What you did to those men (and/or women) who may or may not have been Druids, but certainly Celts, would be exactly in keeping with what their / our own People would have done to them. With that being said, I find that perhaps I should be thanking you for rendering us the favour. I would have done, and do the same with anyone who breaks an oath to me and especially one given before my Throne. Not to do so would make my reign little more than a mockery. So…now that your conscience is eased..*smirk* and my reassurances have been given, do you feel any better?

              4. So do I, truth be told.

              *slow smile*

            • Re: *locked*

              3. Thank you and I find that what oftentimes offended me, was that they were more often than not, leaders of their people. Much bloodshed could have been avoided for their kind …anyway, yes, I do feel more assured.

            • Re: *locked*

              this stuff is freakin’ hot folks!

              this is going to get deleted, isn’t it?

            • Re: *locked*

              That’s up to the mun who owns this journal. 🙂

            • Re: *locked*

              oh, ok

              i’m all over the place here tonight

              your icons make me take notice every time.. they are gorgeous

              show me all your icons!

              ok, i’ll just go do it myself

              zen brush art icon to the rescue!

              what do you think of me so far anyway?

            • Re: *locked*

              Thank you.

              Well, I have to say your energy is interesting. I do believe you are all over the place, and really, its hardly enough time to make any sort of assesment. 😉

  2. Myself between you and Cody. *smirk*

    • 1. *grins* What about you between Cody and myself? Indulge me.
      2. If you were given a way – not the serum, and not adoption – but another way to have a child – would you?
      3. What happens after we destroy or bring the Watchers to heel?
      4. Does it bother you that I have often considered you a desired third in my liasons?
      5. What question haven’t I asked that you wish I would? *smirk*

      • (OOC: I’m not going to post this in Hsu’s journal, so he’s answering here, and of course Frances can ask for questions *g*)

        1. A sandwich. You said comment with your favourite sandwich, so I did.
        2. …I don’t know. At this very moment, no. I’m not ready to go through that again, to replace them. Maybe in a few centuries, if it were possible, but I had one chance, and I blew it.[/locked]

        3. When we destroy them, we get on with our lives as they should be. I really haven’t thought much beyond their destruction.

        4. Why should that bother me? I’m just disappointed it hasn’t happened.

        5. That is not fair. *smirks* Hsu, would you please teach me to ski?

        • OOC: Hehe..OK. But she has to reply to these! LOL!

          1. I see. Well, we need to finish that sandwich that we started in that other thread.

          2. You will let me know….when you are ready, yes? I think I may know of a way.

          3. Perhaps you should, my friend.

          4. We should remedy that – soonest. Yes?

          5. *exasperated sigh* You know that I hate snow – and yet you hold out such hopes….STILL! *sighing* Stranger things have happened, though. However, at this time, if that happens, you can rest assured that Hell hath frozen!

          • 1. Yes we do. I’m getting hungry.

            2. [locked] *gives her a sharp look* You brought Sebastien back, so I don’t doubt you. *quietly* Yes, I will. Just not yet. [/locked]

            3. I know that I should. I just can’t seem to, aside from finding ways to prevent others from filling in the vacuum that the Watchers will leave behind.

            4. Yes.

            5. I don’t give up, you know that. There are always those indoor slopes, not as much snow. And if Hell freezes over, I guess you won’t be going there either. *smirks*

          • 1. Why haven’t I already been the desired third in your liaisons?
            2. What’s your favourite colour?
            3. If I could buy you any gift, what would you like?
            4. Do you realize how much I appreciate and rely on you as a friend, associate, and confidant.
            5. Now your turn. What question haven’t I asked that you wish I would? *smirk*

            • *locked*

              1. You have always been the desired third. Whether or not you are available or willing show up is another thing entirely. *locked to Hsu’s eyes ONLY* I will confess that you and I and Sebastien has always been a very intense fantasy of mine….*/locked*

              2. I have many favourites. I like jeweltones, ruby, sapphire, amethyst. But if I had to pick just one it would be emerald. There are certain deep ones from our mountains on the Island that remind me of the very forests.

              3. I don’t need you to buy me anything, Hsu. Both of us have every material thing we could ever want – or the means whereby to obtain it. Give me the one thing that I value the most – your continued friendship. *locked again* But if there was one thing that I could give you – that it was within my power to give, it would be the ability to hope once again for children of your own. */locked*

              4. I do. And I would say that you mirror that for me. If not for you, my friend, especially at certain times in my life, I would have been a much different person indeed. I treasure our friendship, confidence and association more than words can adequateyl express. That and the sex is also pretty spectacular. *grins*

              5. You already know the answer to that question. I already confided it to you here.

            • Re: *locked*

              1. It’s always been an issue of availability, you should know that I’m more than willing. [locked] Tell me more, in graphic detail *smirks* [/locked]

              2. Emerald. I’ll remember this this time.

              3. I know I don’t, but as much as we both love them, I do wonder what else I can get you besides chess sets. [locked] *has no words*[/locked]

              4. It’s the same. It’s incredibly spectacular. *smirks*

              5. And you know my answer for now. *sighs* But that’s a question already asked, any others?

            • Re: *locked*

              1. Good. I intend to make use of that knowledge. [locked] you may count on my mun writing to yours and making arrangements. Such opportunities should not be let go.[/locked]

              2. *smiles slightly*

              3. I have had my eye on one of your gorgeous stud colts. Perhaps you could give me the opportunity to purchase him from you. *grins* (locked) You don’t have to say anything, my friend. I already know….and so do you.(/locked)

              4. So why are we standing here conversing when we could be doing something….spectacular instead? *grins*

              5. When’s lunch? I’m in the mood for that sandwich now.

            • Re: *locked*

              1. I wouldn’t expect any less. [locked] Is that our version of ‘have your people call my people’? *smirks* [/locked]

              3. No, I won’t give you that opportunity. *pauses* Let me know which one, and he’s yours, as a gift.

              4. I’m waiting. *glares impatiently at writers*

              5. We’re waiting.

  3. You got to leave me now, you got to go alone
    You got to chase a dream, one that’s all your own
    Before it slips away
    When you’re flyin’ high, take my heart along
    I’ll be the harmony to every lonely song
    That you learn to play

    Nickel Creek, When You Come Back Down

    • 1. Have you ever wished there were other women you could be close to – other than the ones in your family?
      2. Are you glad that Hsu was your first? (I know, silly question – you can lock your answer)
      3. Did you find his ticklish spot yet?
      4. What are the parts of down home that you remember with fondness?
      5. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?

      • 1. I wasn’t really close to the women in my family. My mama…I don’t remember her at all. *shrugs at the lie, but it’s one she keeps for her own self protection* My gran was kind of eccentric. I reckon I always wanted to have lots of girlfriends and womenfolk to be close to. I had a best friend, Jana Lee, but I haven’t seen her in years. But you and I are close, so that’s good, right?

        2. Yes. I don’t need to lock it. He was patient and warm, and I know that he gave more of himself and was willing to adapt to me, more than he usually is. And I think that’s a gift, a rare gift. I was very lucky.

        3. *coughs and chokes* Ummm, no. I never really tried to tickle him. I can’t imagine the look that would be on his face if I did.

        4. I remember the mountains, and the animals. I had a couple of friends. I liked the farm, just running around barefoot and getting dirty.

        5. Chunky Monkey and Cherry Garcia from Ben and Jerry’s.

  4. Wherever are my manners, I meant to post something inane here, so that I too, may enjoy the inquisition.

    • *smiles* Your manners are not lacking, Marius. I simply thought you had other things on your mind.

      1. How much of a player of the Game are you?
      2. Blondes or Brunettes?
      3. Have you ever been with someone who was also essentially an Immortal – but not of the same race as you?
      4. What is your favourite indulgence?
      5. Are you ready for that Sidhe mead now? *smirks*

  5. For Daemon

    Well, then. That really is her problem rather than yours,isn’t it?

    1. From our previous chats, the Blood and the Sidhe are not unlike in some ways. Are the Sidhe regarded by humans in the same way that the Blood is regarded by landens — those with no psychic powers or Craft — that is with fear and something to be avoided at all costs? Of course, I’m speaking generally.

    If what I understand of your culture is true, then yes. The Sidhe are regarded with a great deal of fear and superstition among many or reverence and honour among others. When dealing with relations between Sidhe and Humans, the peace is tennuous at best. Some Humans are trained in Magic and Power. Those are specialists. My foster mother, fully human was one, and my real mother was her student as well. The Fortunate Isle serves as the doorway between those two worlds. Since I am a Halfling, I am both Human and Fae. It is a balance that I walk. Halflings can be one of two things: maladjusted, resentful welps that allow themselves to become victims, or they can serve as a bridge between the two races. I chose the latter over the former. It depends upon the person as to how they react to us on either side of the equation.

    2. The Blood were given our gifts long ago, and our powers are tied to the land, something which has been sadly abused, do your powers have a similar origin?

    Yes. Similar. We are tied to the Land , the Physical, but also to the other six realms of existence. Some of us can come and go between them. It is a little to explain it, but suffice it to say that there are those of us who walk between those worlds and can effect change in other ways. More realms exist than far too many care to admit. We know that one must be as responible on the Astral or Subtle planes of existence as much as the physical or manifest ones. Unfortunately, there are those who are never careful, nor mindful of not abusing the landscape, no matter what realm they are in. And thusly, there is great detriment.

    3. Are you immortal or long-lived, like myself?

    I am Immortal – in a manner of speaking. I am fairly young as Immortals go. Like other Immortals that you might see about, the way to take a Fae life is through a Fae blade. It must be a specific blow by a specific sword. For me, it is one that some call Mortal Dread – others call, the Unmaker.

    4. Because I’m being far too curious, something more light. What foods do you enjoy the most?

    *soft laugh* I love spicy foods. I spent a great deal of time in India for a period of time. I learned to love the sweetness and the pungency of the spice. I also love to try new things. I would say that I am not big into desserts. Some find that interesting in someone who is Fae. I do like straberries, mangoes and guavas, and of course, I love Sidhe mead. But then, not everyone knows what that is.

    5. And if ever I wanted to ask a favour, would you grant it, if you could? If it did not require me in some way or form to be forsworn in any way, then I would say, ‘Yes.’

    OOC: Oded with facial hair is still teh sexeh! Heh..I undersetand as far as the reps go! I know you are very busy. Caroline of course is hoping she hasn’t overstepped, of course. *g*

    • Re: For Daemon

      1. In such a case, it is far better to be the bridge than be resentful of either side of one’s heritage. Not that I’m one to talk. There are few, very few occasions of half-Bloods. Most are rejected by both landens and Bloods, one because they have slight psychic abilities and on the other because their power is still far below even a non-jewelled Blood. I’ve met one such and her fate was not a pleasant one.

      2. The destruction, through abuse or neglect, of the land is something that pains me to see.It’s a corruption that spreads and no one can be unaffected by the taint. Again in my own Realm it has spread far.

      3. Fortunately there is nothing that specific that can necessarily kill me, at least enough to finish the kill. I hope such a blade is in safe keeping.

      4. Now desserts are my favourite. *smiles* Including myself, would you tell me about Sidhe mead?

      5. I don’t believe you would be forsworn, and I would not ask if it meant that. Perhaps I could ask you in more private surrounds?

      And if you wish to ask me anything.

      (OOC: No, not at all…I just had to gag Stelios for a bit, and he’s not coming out to play until the other muses get their turns. So he’ll rep later *g* And sorry for the multiple deletions. *sigh*)

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