TBS – Prompt 2.3 Section 3.B – Attila Quote

“I say that if a woman can only have power through a man, then let it be with the most powerful man she can find.” –Attila

Any power I have gained I got by wits and my Will or because I took it as I saw fit. Certainly not merely because I allied myself with a powerful man. As a woman and a sovereign, I resent the idea that my sex is of no use except as a consort to a male authority figure Let a man find his power on his own. And if I find him worthy I may be inclined to take him as an ally. Where I come from, no man may rule but through the High Lady, and only then as her Consort. I have, in my very long and immortal life, known many a powerful men. And interestingly enough, one or two of them are still around in my life. The man that I chose as my husband and consort was not the most powerful man. However, he certainly was one of the most feared in all of France. The fact that I love him is a given. I hope that he shall forgive me for saying that the fear he caused, became as the fear of me. His power was in a different form, and it has proven to be most useful.

I must confess, too many members of my own sex over the centuries had not the slightest inkling of looking up past their embroidery hoops long enough to note the world of politics, history, science or any number of subjects that would have made them far more interesting to the members of the opposite sex. Of course, so many women will quite naturally choose to latch on to the most powerful man that they can. Power is by itself an aphrodisiac, and power coupled with wealth is an even greater one. You would think, in talking to some of them , that being taken care of, looked after or provided for somehow absolved them from any responsibility for taking control of their own lives – or even the necessity to think for themselves. Outside of giving just enough conjugal visits in order to produce a male heir, all they needs do is to be mistress of the household, make certain to tend to the social obligations as most wives must and in the process be sure not to embarrass him in said society. He upholds his part of the bargain by providing for her a wardrobe a roof overhead for her and the children suitable to their station. As long as does not leave his family penniless should he unfortunately pass away before she does, then the match can be considered to be a success.

Such an existence is beneath contempt!

Make no mistake, I can play the game of the Courtier and done and continue to do so to the level of Art. Men are excellent companions, confidants and a few of them are actually worthwhile conversationalists. I much prefer the company of men because they can hold conversations about politics, history, philosophy and science. I find that an intelligent and thoughtful man can often be even more powerful than a King. Some such men have actually been Kings, Princes, Warlords or even Counts. Power is relative. Power belongs not to the man who necessarily has such a title, but he who makes sufficient use of what he does have. If a woman has a brain enough to catch and hold one that will maintain such an alliance and treat her as an equal , then truly that is what true Power is about.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Character / Folklore Mythology.
Word Count: 611
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22 responses to “TBS – Prompt 2.3 Section 3.B – Attila Quote

  1. Speaking of Attila, did you see the version with Gerard Butler? WOOF!

  2. The thing is, if it wasn’t for her mother, Galla Placidia, Honoria probably would have never needed to say such a thing.

    • Indeed. However, when dealing with my own foster mother, I found that regicide worked quite nicely.

      • She did try that, however her choice of co-conspirator was less than perfect.

        I do wonder, had we both succeeded and married, how long it would have been before I killed her. *smirk*

        • Ah, well…too bad it was before my time. You could have enlisted me. I tend to be quite skilled at poisons.


          I only have one question with regard to that: was she blonde? Not that it matters of course…just curious.


          • I didn’t do subtleties like poison back then.


            No, actually she was almost as dark-haired as you. Does that satisfy your curiousity?


            • Subtle? My most beloved friend….I know that you have seen what I can do with someone using poison. Their demise was anything but subtle. *smirks*


              No. It doesn’t. *soft laugh* There went my theory. But then you haven’t destroyed me yet and I am not often blonde.


            • Compared to a Hun’s preferred method of killing, it is more subtle.


              What was the theory? That only a blonde could compell me to do such a thing. *smirk* You should be more.

            • *soft laugh* No, the theory was more like if a woman is blonde she has more of a chance of not being strangled by you. *grin* But then, I do confess, I have compelled you to do things, even when not blonde.

              How was it that blondes have more fun? With you, I mean. Not that I ever had any complaints.

            • Okay, I’ll give you that one. Slightly less chance. *smirk* That’s only because I let you.

              I don’t know about blondes, but I certainly have more fun. And nor will you ever have reason to, I hope.

  3. You know, this strikes me as an odd thing to say considering, but I find myself reminded of my father.

    • And why do you say that? *raised eyebrow* Did he try to consign you to the existence of merely being someone’s spouse?

      • *chuckle*

        No, he had a number of what he felt were ‘necessary life lessons’ for me when I told him I’d chosen a political career path…he had some interesting ideas about what I’d need to hold my own in the boys’ club.

        • Why is it that men cannot remember that some of we women have forgotten more about subtlety, calculation and cruelty than they could even begin to dream up? That is really why they chose to exclude us for all those centuries. They realized that while we might not be superior, one sex over the other, we did have another side to our softness and nurturing that was easily if not more frightening. If given true Power, we can almost be more formidible than most can deal with adequately. Hence they banded together and decided to relegate that we would produce heirs for them and if we were fortunate, could run the household accounts for them.


          • Well, I think you’ve hit on it, there–frightening. There are certainly men who have an understanding and respect for what a woman is capable of…but how many of them are or have been in power? And were they, challenging the status quo is generally not considered to be a good career move.

            I’ve never had much patience or tolerance for anyone who’d look at my breasts before my credentials; it’s frustrating, even now.

  4. Not all women are meant for home and and hearth, but not many, up until recent years, have indicated that they wished for anything other than.

    My views on marriage vary upon the reasons for needing such a union. Considering my age, you know that much of it is not taken from any other viewpoint other than my own.

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