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– Scenario E

E. The news came on, and it has been announced that your very favorite food or drink is now outlawed by international law. The punishment for sale, growing, distribution or consumption is severe. Can you live without it? What length would you go to get it?

During the Occupation in France, this was the reality. During that time, the shadow that was Nazi Germany shadowed all of Europe. Within the cities this was especially true. Those of us who were in the countryside had less of an issue, but foodstuffs would go for exorbitant prices. The Vichy government responded by issuing tickets that could be used in exchange for basic items such as meat, butter and cooking oil. Everyone, during that time, it seemed, was hungry.

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TBS – Prompt 2.3 Section 3.B – Attila Quote

“I say that if a woman can only have power through a man, then let it be with the most powerful man she can find.” –Attila

Any power I have gained I got by wits and my Will or because I took it as I saw fit. Certainly not merely because I allied myself with a powerful man. As a woman and a sovereign, I resent the idea that my sex is of no use except as a consort to a male authority figure Let a man find his power on his own. And if I find him worthy I may be inclined to take him as an ally. Where I come from, no man may rule but through the High Lady, and only then as her Consort. I have, in my very long and immortal life, known many a powerful men. And interestingly enough, one or two of them are still around in my life. The man that I chose as my husband and consort was not the most powerful man. However, he certainly was one of the most feared in all of France. The fact that I love him is a given. I hope that he shall forgive me for saying that the fear he caused, became as the fear of me. His power was in a different form, and it has proven to be most useful. Continue reading


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