– Thursday “Limits” *Locked*

You have absolutely no idea what I have given in order to have my husband back again. If you did, you would shrink back from me in terror before daring to raise your eyes to look at me. I am that creature whom you most fear. I am that soulless thing that would dare. No one and nothing ever stands in my way. And if by chance any of you have forgotten this, then you are fools.

For over four hundred years I not only pined for him, I manipulated, searched, used and exploited absolutely every means and asset at my disposal and far many more that were not. In the end, I sold my soul, I sold Sebastien’s soul and I probably have sold the very being as well as the soul of our daughter, Jocelyn long before she was even conceived. I risked my marriage, my motherhood, my friendship with my Anam Cara and my Throne for what I wanted, and I would gladly do it all again if given a choice. So do not dare to speak to me again of ‘limits’. As far as I am concerned, there are none.

No doubt this pleases my Grigorii kin no end.

How close does anyone have to be to the edge before they potentially lose it all? What could possibly mean so much that you would risk and glady pay the price? Are you made of strong enough stuff to do the same do you think?

Somehow, I sincerely doubt it.

Muse: Fanny Fae / Faelyn
Fandom: Original Charcater / Folklore / Mythology
Word Count: 253

Scribe’s Note: These are the views of Fanny / Faelyn, they are certainly not my views. She saw this particular prompt and got, extremely irritated and indignant. It is locked because the jig would certainly be up for her if she were ever to confess to any of these things out loud. The views of the Muse are not necessarily the views of the hapless victim whose cranium she resides in and the one whom she forces to take dictation for her.


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6 responses to “– Thursday “Limits” *Locked*

  1. Signora, I do realise that this is locked, and I assure you that I shall forget all knowledge of your words once I move away from this page, but I must express my admiration of your words and your drive. We are akin after such a fashion.


    • Thank you, Signora Giovanni. We have much in common, you and I – if not experiences, certainly in ambitions. I find that there are far too many in this world who have neither the skill nor the stomach to live life without limitations. It is always refreshing that there are at least some others, such as you and your illustrious family, who also live this way.

      The lock was intended mainly to keep out my husband and children as well as Azazeal.

  2. you would shrink back

    That is why I stopped sending you instant messages and chose to log-on invisible

    I mean to harm none, including myself

    • Re: you would shrink back

      I am sorry that you feel that way. Truthfully, I have been offline because of a malware attack. I lost absolutely everything off my desktop machine, and so I’ve been spending the last two weeks downloading, updating and configuring. Imagine trying to get 85+ Windows XP updates on a dialup connection that only goes 44.0 Kbps at best. It has been 24/7 since I wiped the HD.

      I apologise for not being around. I’ve genuinely missed our chats.

      • 44.0 Kbps

        you can update your modem drivers to accommodate at least twice that bandwidth

        nonetheless, It is not my intention to intrude nor impose

        be well

        you are precious

  3. Non, Madame. I will not shrink, neither from you, nor your most esteemed friends the Giovanni’s.

    And of course I shall and always will be here should you need me. *bows head*

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