Re Survivor

I hate the show, Survivor. Further, I am convinced that the only reason anyone watches the show is because it is quite simply the show that comes right before CSI. No one really likes reality TV at all. If you were to move its timeslot and I bet would most definitely fail in one season. That is the slot they have been in, and but by the grace of God or Neilsen, they have never had to move from that slot. This is why they have had something like 19 seasons!

Let’s face it. No one really likes or even gives a shit about any of these people. They are mean, conniving, annoying, assholes, the lot of them. These are the people at work or your neighbors or people in society that you LOVE to hate. Admit it. If you were on the show personally, you’d probably stab about 80% of the ones you were stuck on there with in the head seven or eight times while they slept and steal their stuff with absolutely no semblance of guilt or remorse whatsoever. In the season where they went to Africa, I swear to God I was cheering for the LIONS, shouting at the top of my lungs, “Come on! Just eat those f***iing people!! Please!”

Think about it. There are no redeeming qualities whatsoever in that show or the people on it other than the fact we have to tolerate it in order to get to something we were wanting to watch in the first place. Maybe it’s better that the lions didn’t eat one of them. While the visual appeal might have been quite appealing, I doubt very sincerely it would have been good for the lions. But I will confess, I do have fantasies of getting an entire pride, caging them up and flying them to wherever the lateset contestants are and turning the felidae lose on them! Ah, the screams of sheer terror would be music to my ears!

Just sayin….


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7 responses to “Re Survivor

  1. There are some reality shows I like, like Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen or some of the dancing ones. But I got over Survivor after the first season. It’s become so ugly and stale.

    • I don’t mind Hell’s Kitchen. That is a REAL competition based on real life skills in a high stress situation that is believable. Survivor is a moronic showcase of the absolute dregs of human society and the most merciful thing would be have a voting poll at the end of each show asking which one would the audience like the show’s professional sniper to put out of the rest of the world’s misery!

      Of course with that, then the ratings really would go up and the bloody thing would never be cancelled!

      • *dies* I would watch that. LOL!

        Some of the British reality shows are great, like “Don’t Tell The Bride” or “How Clean is Your House”. I like when there is a positive point to better lives. “You Are What You Eat” is fantastic, and I love “What Not To Wear” on TLC. The end is always something positive.

        • But you are talking about getting shows that are on cable. Sweetie, I live in the middle of nowhere, we don’t get cable – and DISH etc. are just ungodly expensive.

          Although, I will say, when I was in the ER in Joliet this past spring, there was this show about choosing wedding dresses. OMG….so many of these women are just so shallow! “Yes! I need to spend $15,000 – $20,000 on a garment that I will wear / be able to fit my ass into ONE DAY in my entire life!” Why not buy a car, or put a downpayment on a HOUSE, you moronic, vapid bitch?! Are people that devoid of thinking past immediate gratification? It boggles my mind how priorities are so screwed up! It makes the height of French decadence in the 17th and 18th Century look positively conservative by comparison!

          The What Not To Wear sounds fun. Sort of like the Glamour magazine column “Fashion Don’ts!” Do they still block out their faces to save the culprits from potential fashion hari kiri? 😉

          • Oh, no…*g* They show them full on, full name, job and all. But they are really cool about it.

            I like the wedding dress ones with the good stories, like the bride who beat cancer and stuff. Positive stuff.

  2. I’m right with you there, especially Survivor and its ilk. I’ve always said they should do Survivor Siberia in January…in the bikinis and shorts they wear in whatever tropical paradise they happen to be. That’ll be survival!

    I might watch that one….but probably not.

    • I say put them all on an Indian reservation where the unemployment rate is 75%, alcoholism is 80% – 90% and especially in South Dakota, the two poorest counties in the entire US are located on two reservations in that State. If they don’t survive being murdered in their sleep they may die of starvation or boredom. Why does TV viewing America view these dysfunctional people as anything even remotely resembling “reality”? If people acted like that in any given ‘hood, somebody would take their asses out – and interestingly, no one would have “seen” a goddamned thing.

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