Damn it!!

If it isn’t bad enough that my website was hacked a couple of weeks ago, now it seems my Twitter account has also been hacked. Christ. I am absolutely livid about this!!!

I have never taken any stupid IQ test and I certainly have never spoken the way these folks seem to have portrayed me. So….I apologise for any of you who got DM’s from me. They most certainly were NOT from me!


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2 responses to “Damn it!!

  1. Twitter account

    did you send me a link to take a IQ quiz?

    • Re: Twitter account

      Nope, I sure didn’t. I don’t believe in those things and I saw the text from the messages sent – I simply don’t talk like that. I changed my paswords, disabled all third party access, and found a suspicious one that I think was the point of origin.

      At any rate, I apologise to you and everyone else, I certainly do not spam my friends with crap like that. I will *rarely* post any kind of URL and usually it is for something imporant vs. Facebookesque b.s.

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