Tired but in a good way…

I spent all of yesterday afternoon and evening on the production crew of my college’s student productions. We had a double-header basketball game that was being televised live. So I spent the day setting up, being in the control booth, switching, graphics, techinical direction and then teardown. It was a hell of a lot of fun, not to mention the game was Kirkwood (my school) vs. Iowa Lakes, 96 -83, in favour of our school. Very exciting game, but fast-paced in the booth, too! I have to say I LOVED it!!

When I got home last night I was absolutely beat. I tried to sit up in bed with my laptop and write but I was just waaayyy too exhasuted! So for anyone whom messaged me on IM’s and had me being unresponsive, I apologise. It seems that the Pirates of the Land of Nod abducted me and carried me away to their lair, where I dreamt of cameras and Michael Kitchen. (That’s what I get for falling asleep while ‘Foyles War’ was on, I think! 😉

Today is filled with doing assorted mundane tasks at home, studying for my history class – which is turning out to be much tougher than I thought, because the professor is very specific on how he wants us to take notes, etc. and getting the prompts done for along with other assorted household things I’ve missed doing all week, like shopping for food! 😉

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