Wednesday – Picture that Causes You To Cry

The Unseelie are not easily moved to tears. But there is one, that Sebastien took shortly after my having given birth to Jocelyn. I remembered how taken he was with his new infant daughter. Just moments before this photograph she had been screaming her protest from having been taken from the womb. She quietened only for a short while when Sebastien held her his arms. He spoke with soft, gentle words in French, and it was a sound that she must have recognised, for from that moment onward, their bond was instantaneous.

I daresay that Sebastien did not want to hand her over, not even when Jocelyn began howling with hunger once again. With a little help from Amarante, he finally relented and turned Jocelyn over to me so that she might nurse.


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3 responses to “Wednesday – Picture that Causes You To Cry

  1. The birth of a child is about the only things that moves an Unseelie to cry for it means a perpetuation of the race and a cause for great joy.

    Very nice.

  2. I think for myself it was more the successful culmination of having brought Sebastien back from the Realm of the Dead. Jocelyn was the personification of what love between people can do and the things that it might conquer. Even when our first daughter, Caroline, was born, I ached to have been able to see the look upon Sebastien’s face.

    He has proven to be a much better father than I am a mother.

  3. I envy you.
    You have this moment, these memories, this experience; something which I was never able to experience, nor will I ever.

    Given how far down the path I have gone, this is the one and only thing that truly makes my heart ache.

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