Kemetic Round Table : Heka . . . ‘vuh Headache

My friend Sarduriur has written of the most thorough discussions on the concept of what heka is and what it isn’t. Grab a cup of coffe, sit back and enjoy a nice long read.

Shadows of the Sun

Heka is one of the most difficult concepts to explain within Ancient Egyptian religion. It is a concept that is very hard for Westerners to understand, given that our Modern conceptions (false or otherwise) of the entirety of the Ancient World, and many of the traditions practiced in the West during the Medieval and Modern Periods, are largely derived from linguistic and cultural remnants from Ancient Hellas and Rome. This understanding has only been complicated by the rise of Occult traditions during the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, before Egyptologists began to develop more accurate understandings of all things Egyptian. And this is to say nothing of the sheer vastness and ambiguity of heka, and how it permeated virtually every aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture and religion.

Many have tried to explore the topic in its entirety, but each publication, even publications of…

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