Magic and Money

Josephine has tackled this issue as few other authors or bloggers have. Definitely worth the read.

Josephine McCarthy

This is a very thorny and contentious issue that has been raising its head around me recently. Through various recent social media conversations and observing certain statements etc, the issues of magic, money and entitlement around teachers, magicians, writers, priests and priestesses proves to be one that still has not found an easy peace. It is a complex debate with lots of twists and turns, so I wanted to spend a little time looking at this to from a purely magical perspective and without prejudice.

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2 responses to “Magic and Money

  1. You could say many of the same things about ANY skill or ability. If you’re a musician, you’ll spend much of your time playing for people who don’t really understand or appreciate what you’re doing, and see it as background to their conversations. Accountants, same thing- you’re helping rich people or companies to keep more of their money.

    The biggest problem I see with it is that some people (and government and law enforcement) will automatically classify you as a charlatan, preying on gullible people. An accountant can do that too, but they don’t work under the assumption of criminality.

    • Being an herbalist and someone who does do energy work (sekhem) as Josepine mentioned, you already come up against that establishment – if you don’t have a sheepskin from an “accredited” source then of course it has no value. Add to this those who do know that herbs and energy do work – but think of it as a cheap “out” to help them avoid having medical costs at an allopathic physician, etc. It’s as if you cannot declare it on your insurance or an expense report – then it does not have inherent value. I know that isn’t true because I have a TCM healer who uses Qi Gong on me when I go to see her and it does work. I cannot declare it on insurance, or expenses, but I know that because of her, I have ultimately avoided going under the knife. It is a complex issue, to be sure.

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