Stop stealing from your fellow pagans!

Ma'atI am absolutely not interested in hearing any excuses about this.   Theft within the Pagan community is so rife that people are all but desensitized against it.  As a writer and publisher and someone married to an artist, I know quite well the costs of intellectual property theft.  Stealing from fellow Pagan and Polytheist authors, artists and craftspersons needs to end, and it needs to end NOW!

I don’t give a damn if you personally believe that “all knowledge should be free” and shared freely. Creativity, whether writing a book, making a piece of artwork or anything else is hard work and deserves to be valued.  Everyone has bills to pay.   It is nothing less than hypocritical of folks who spew the so-called 3-fold law at every turn, and yet are such cheap @$$ b@$t@rd$ that they think nothing of stealing from others.  I am betting, however, that if thieves were wearing the show themselves and were the author or artist etc. they’d be screaming like holy hell about it and wanting just compensation!

Stop stealing from your fellow pagans!


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4 responses to “Stop stealing from your fellow pagans!

  1. Absolutely…. I sometimes find my work copied and other people have put their own name of the copyright, and also have found my work being copied and re presented as someone elses original work. I give a lot. And my books that are for sale are reasonable prices and make me a very small amount of money.
    I do not mind giving free, but when people steal from me, I always go after them. And I don’t take prisoners 🙂

  2. ubenmaat

    Wow. I didn’t know this was a thing.

  3. Well said, some hide behind some bullshit idea to justify their parasitic lust to steal the harvest of the creative fire from others.

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